September OOTD: Hello Autumn


So this month had been very hectic. We’ve both had to get back into normal lives after such a long Summer break and it’s been so hard to adjust, especially since getting back from Florida. It’s left us with no time for blogging and we’ve had to abandon our blog a bit, which is sad but life just takes over right? We really enjoy writing fashion posts for our blog and we’ve tried so hard to bring monthly ‘outfit of the day’ posts to it, so of course we couldn’t miss out September’s post! It feels like all we’ve been writing about lately is our trip to Disney World, which is great because there’s so much we want to share with our readers, but it feels so good to be writing a fashion post again. Since writing our ‘Staying True to Ourselves’ OOTD in July, we’ve realised how important it is for us to be real and show ourselves exactly as we are on our blog. So in this month’s OOTD, we’re doing just that and we thought we’d show you how we’re changing up our wardrobes slightly as Autumn approaches. We know these aren’t the most ‘Autumnal’ outfits, but we’re saving our cable knits and Doc Martens for another day!


Top – H&M
Skirt – Topshop
Shoes – Vans
Bag – Primark


I have never been one to wear longer skirts, that’s until I found this in the Topshop sale a little while ago now! Where I’m only 5ft 2 I feel like longer skirts don’t suit me, I feel like they’re always too long and make me look even shorter so I have avoided them for so long! But this skirt is the perfect length and style for me. I love this skirt because it’s the plisse material that everyone has been going crazy over. The only annoying thing about this material is that it’s static if you don’t wash it before wearing it for the first time (hence why in some of these photos it’s stuck to my legs!) other than that, I love it. This skirt has a little bit of sparkle in it too which I absolutely love, it just makes it that little bit different to a normal, plain, black skirt.


Now I know I could have added a pop of colour to this outfit with a nice coloured shirt or t-shirt but if I’m being honest, I rarely wear colour especially in autumn/winter. I love stripes all year round so I decided to pair this skirt with my H&M cropped, stripey top! I feel like this outfit is really ‘me’ and it might not be the most colourful but I feel like now that I have ginger hair I can get away with wearing boring colours! As I’m all about comfort right now, I decided to wear Vans. I love Vans, I have far too many different pairs but these black and white old skools are by far my favourite as they go with anything! To complete my monochrome look I decided to use my black bag from Primark, it’s so huge that it’s now become my work bag as I can fit so much stuff in it! I feel that Primark always have so many different styles of bags in and they’re so affordable, I have to avoid the bag section or I’d spend far too much!



Top – Forever 21 (old)
Skirt – Topshop
Bag – Primark
Shoes – Converse


I fell in love with this wrap skirt the moment I saw it in Topshop a few months back. For the past few months I’ve been loving floral & spot patterns and the design on this skirt is so pretty. I know it’s similar to the skirt I wore in our August OOTD post but I just had to show you guys this one too! I love the red flowers on the black material and there’s just something about polka dots and flowers, they go so well together. I also love the way this skirt wraps slightly and ties up to the side, it’s such a nice touch. It is a very short skirt though. I bought the tall version so I’d be more comfortable in it but it’s still fairly short on me (sort it out Topshop)! We took these photos a few weeks back, before the weather decided to have a strop and become freezing, so I think I’ll be pairing this skirt with tights and a leather jacket from now on just to avoid turning into an ice cube!


I feel the skirt is the statement piece of clothing in this outfit so I chose a top that doesn’t clash and helps draw attention to it. This simple long sleeve top is perfect and the high neckline gives this outfit a smart look. As much as I love to just chuck on some jeans, sometimes I love looking a bit smarter and this outfit does just that. To finish my outfit I put on my black high top converse. You know how I was saying I love looking smart? Well these shoes help to keep the outfit smart but casual. I don’t want to be leaving the house looking like I’m going to work or to a wedding every day! As soon as I found this bag from Primark I knew it would go perfectly with this skirt. The red rose embroidery with the studs are such nice details and the bag is the perfect size for me! Although this isn’t a look I would go for every day, it’s perfect for those days where you want to look nice and presentable and wearing an outfit like this often makes me feel good about myself!


So there you have it, we’ve said goodbye to the Summery outfits and soon it’ll be all about the berry tones and knitwear, which hopefully you’ll see a lot of on our blog! We’re really hoping we can get some more fashion posts up, even if that’s all we’re able to blog about! It’s been so hard getting any blogging done lately but we can only hope we have a little extra time here and there to take some outfit photos!
What are you looking forward to fashion-wise now Autumn is here?

lauren and rachel

10 thoughts on “September OOTD: Hello Autumn

  1. I love these outfits, especially the striped crop top and the flower and polka dot skirt, they’re perfect and definitely my style. I’m not a fan of long skirts either as I’m on the shorter side too but they way you’ve styled this one is great. I’m going to check out Top Shop on my next shopping trip, I rarely go in there but might have to track down the flower polka dot skirt.


  2. Bloody love these ‘real’ outfit posts! I can totally see myself in both of these outfits (both the skirts are lush!) and as someone who lives in converse, it’s always nice seeing them paired with more feminine items of clothing! Hope you had an amazing holiday! xx


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