Florida Adventures Vlog – Part 1


Guys, guess what? We’re back! We haven’t posted on our blog for a while and we’ve been a little absent on our social media too. Truth be told, we’ve been trying to recover from the holiday of a lifetime in Florida and we’ve been struggling to get back into our normal routines. We’re going to be honest here, we have a major case of the holiday blues!

Over a year ago we booked our first ever holiday abroad and our first ever trip to a Disney park!! We’re pretty sure Florida is all you’ve heard us talking about on our blog, YouTube and social media and it came around so, so quick. Disney World exceeded all expectations. It’s honestly the most magical place we’ve ever been to and we really want to go back already. We were a little disappointed with Universal, (the Studios in particular). We enjoyed the rides in Universal’s Islands of Adventure but the atmosphere in the Universal parks does not compare to Disney! In our opinion it’s not in the same league but we are Disney girls so it was always going to be hard to convert us!

We don’t want to give away too many details about our trip as we’re hoping to have lots of posts up as well as our vlogs. Below is the link to our first vlog and believe it or not we didn’t actually film that much during the first week for a few reasons:

1: We were both feeling a little off as it was strange being in a new country,
2: We wanted to take everything in as opposed to seeing things through a camera so being honest, vlogging was the last thing on our minds
3: It’s SO hard to vlog when you’re with your family who are in the Disney bubble and just love to have a chin wag whilst the camera is on!

However, we managed to get some stuff filmed and we really hope you guys give it a watch. We’re so happy that we did record bits of our holiday, as it’s allowed us to look back on our time in America and given us something to laugh at!

Since we were away for two weeks we couldn’t fit the whole holiday in one video. Part 2 will be up very soon but for now we hope you enjoy seeing what we got up to on the first week of our trip! Let us know what you think and make sure you share your Disney holiday stories with us, we love talking about it.

lauren and rachel


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