Our Top 10 Disney Movies


We’ve both been huge Disney fans since we were young and now that we’ve both got a bit of spare free time we’ve spent it by watching so many Disney movies! We love watching all the old classics because they take us back to our childhood, but we’re also huge fans of the newer ones as the animation is stunning. After watching so many Disney films we started to think, what are our all time favourites? After trying to compile a list, we couldn’t get it below 10! There are so many Disney films that we really love that we had a list of around 40 at first. We managed to narrow it down and it wasn’t easy, so we thought we’d share them with you and we’d love to know what your favourite Disney films are too!

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to do this post as a count down style list to determine an overall favourite film, as we just couldn’t agree between us! So this is just an overall look at the top 10 Disney & Pixar movies we both adore. We wanted to give you an insight as to why these ones are our absolute favourites out of all of them:

1. Beauty and the Beast – BATB is Lauren’s favourite and an absolute classic. Lauren mainly loves it because she can relate to Belle, as she’s a bit of a bookworm too! We also love watching the Beast’s progression from being a character who hates himself and in turn radiates that hate by snapping at those he’s closest to, to learning to love himself and others.

2. Tangled – It’s Rachel’s favourite film, Rapunzel is such a lovable princess whose hair is absolute goals and her sidekick Pascal is adorable! Don’t get us started on Flynn Rider too *heart eyes emoji*, he’s got to be one of the best Disney Princes. Also, the floating lantern scene is so stunning and magical!

3. The Lion King – It’s an absolute classic, it has loads of cute animals and the songs are so damn catchy! What’s not to love? Scar is such a sassy villain and the scene of Mufasa’s death is emotional and unforgettable, it gives us all the feels.

4. Zootropolis – First of all the animation is amazing. It’s such an engaging movie and we also love the message behind this film, as it teaches the audience about prejudice. The characters are also really cute which is a bonus!

5. The Little Mermaid – An absolute classic, how could anybody dislike the Little Mermaid?! Ariel’s hair is just goals and everybody needs a friend like Flounder! Also, Ursula’s sassiness just makes the film for us.


6. Inside Out – Another film with an amazing concept. We love how it’s all set inside Riley’s mind and it’s so imaginative. The story is so emotional and captivating but also funny at the same time. We also adore Bing Bong!

7. Big Hero 6 – For us, Big Hero 6 just seems so different to every other Disney film. We love all the Japanese culture with all the cool robots and technology. Baymax just makes the film for us though. He’s so funny yet so adorable and the best companion!

8. Ratatouille – Remy has to be one of the cutest Disney characters and this film has such a unique plot. It’s a fun film to watch but it also has a deeper message about how anybody can achieve what they want to.

9. Toy Story 3
We’ve been fans of the ‘Toy Story’ franchise since we were very young and when the 3rd movie came out in 2010 we were so happy. We love all the new characters in this one and the scene where Andy gives his toys to Bonnie is so emotional.

10. Moana – For us, Moana has some of the best songs, we can’t help but sing ‘You’re Welcome’ at least once a day (literally whenever someone says thank you)! We also love how brave Moana is and the animation is just spot on.


We’d love to know what your favourite Disney films are? Have we missed any of your favourites out? We love doing this style post so let us know what other lists you’d like to see on our blog.

lauren and rachel


4 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Disney Movies

  1. I bet this list was so difficult to create. I’m trying to think of my favourite Disney film now and I honestly can’t do it 😂🤷‍♀️🙊 There is so many good ones o can’t decide!


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