First Time Flying | Thoughts and Feelings


Guys can you believe it, we fly to Orlando tomorrow!! It’s come round so quick we honestly can’t believe it! Believe it or not, at the ages of 21 and 19 we have never been abroad on a plane before, so as you can imagine there are a number of different thoughts flying (aha, see what we did there?) through our heads right now. In an attempt to bring more personal posts to our blog, we thought we’d give you a little insight into what we’re thinking about flying for the first time and how we’re going to try and keep ourselves occupied for our 9 hour flight to Florida.

As you can imagine, we’re feeling a little strange about flying tomorrow as it’s a very new experience, so we wanted to summarise these thoughts into a few key points and see if anybody else can relate to us.


We’ve heard that some people love airports, Joe (Rachel’s boyfriend) being one of them. According to him, he gets a rush when he’s at the airport and finds being there a cool experience. Then, you have people like us, who are feeling very anxious about being in an airport for the first time, but that’s to be expected right? Obviously it’s going to be a cool experience being in the airport for the first time but the busy atmosphere is something that puts us off. We have a fear of getting lost and separated from our family members too. Hopefully we’ll all be able to stick together and that fear can be eliminated! 

9 and a half hours is a long time to be sat on a plane, how the hell do people travel to Australia? What can you even do on a plane for that long?! We know there are going to be some cool films to watch on the plane but to us the thought of sitting and watching more than two films in a row seems a little dull. We both have quite short attention spans so we’ll have to find some other stuff to do. We’re considering doing some blogging on the plane but we’re not sure how we’ll cope without scrolling through Twitter and Instagram! We’re also thinking about taking colouring books to calm our nerves. If you have any ideas of what we could do on the plane then let us know.

Leg room is important to us, there’s nothing worse than being sat for a long period of time and not being able to stretch your legs out. We are aware that we’re able to get up and out of our seats but realistically where is there to walk to other than the toilet? Hopefully the seats won’t be too close together and we’ll be able to sit in our seats and feel comfortable!


Yeah so this is a genuine concern for us! As far as we’re aware, the only place you can get up and walk to on the plane is the toilet. How the hell are you supposed to sit for hours and not get butt ache? We’re the type of people who can’t sit for too long or the aches begin. So we’re assuming we’ll be taking frequent toilet breaks, even if we don’t need to pee! That being said the toilets freak us out a bit, which brings us to our next point…

Is it just us or do movies and tv shows portray aeroplane toilets as gross, scary and claustrophobic? We’re not really a fan of public toilets as it is (is anyone though?!) so we feel like we’d rather hold our pee in for 9 hours than use the toilets on the plane (obviously this is an exaggeration guys…). One of the scariest things for us would be to get locked in. Isn’t that the main fear everyone has with public toilets? Knowing our luck one of us would get stuck in there and somebody would have to rescue us! 

We’ve heard some right horror stories about aeroplane food. According to what we’ve heard, it’s bland, smelly, unappetising and just gross, which is a little upsetting for two people who love their food. As two fussy eaters, the thought of aeroplane food is bugging us a little, what if it’s something we don’t eat and then we’ll have to not eat for the entire flight. Please can we just take a moment to hope that the food is somewhat edible guys.


Have any of you guys felt like this before flying? Maybe everything we’ve been thinking is just a misconception and actually everything will be totally fine (let’s hope so anyway)! We also just wanted to take this time to say that obviously we won’t be as active on our social media over the next two weeks. We do have 2 blog posts scheduled while we’re away, so there will be some new stuff for you guys to read and we’ll be checking our blog for comments regularly!

lauren and rachel

7 thoughts on “First Time Flying | Thoughts and Feelings

  1. I’ve been on flights tons of times, and it honestly isn’t too bad! I do get very bored on planes though – I’d definitely advise bringing loads to do. A book, colouring book with colouring pencils or felt tips, maybe download some podcasts to listen to, maybe download your own movies to watch with a laptop on the plane…

    You’ll also probably want to nap, which can be really difficult on planes. I’d bring a little cushion or a comfy jumper or something that I could use as a pillow. Planes can also get strangely cold, so maybe something like a long cardigan or really big scarf would be useful to use as a blanket. You’ll also want to be comfortable – I’d honestly just wear the absolutely most comfortable clothes I have, do my hair up in a comfy style like a plait, and go completely fresh faced and makeupless.

    I can’t eat plane food, because I’m a vegan! I make sure to get to the airport early, and find where my departure gate is as soon as possible. As soon as I’ve found the gate, I’ll go to Pret or something to eat before the flight, and will also go to WH Smith etc to bring my own food on board. Once you’re through security, you can buy whatever food and drink you like and take it on board 🙂

    Things like wet wipes and pocket tissues are absolute essentials. It’s easy to begin to feel a bit gross on planes, and using a wet wipe on your hands and face can really help! Make sure you bring a phone/camera with loads of space on it. Photos and videos from the plane window will be pretty amazing!

    Overall, I think planes are great 🙂 Travelling is really fun! I absolutely love the views and I’m not sure why, but I never get travel sickness on a plane, whereas I always get travel sickness when travelling in a bus or a car!

    – Storm x


  2. I went on my first flight when I was 17 because my mum gets really bad ear-aches whilst flying! Apparently to alleviate that you should chew something whilst taking off so I’d advise some fruit pastilles or something just in case that happens! (Also it’s a good excuse to buy food which is always fun)

    I was really scared when I first flew but it was absolutely fine! My flight was to New York but I had a book and watched some films in-flight. Have a wonderful trip both of you! Xxx



    • So sorry that we’ve only just seen this Paris! I think we’re planning to do a post on our expectations vs reality when flying so I won’t give too much away about how we found it! Definitely agree with the chewing part though! – Lauren xxx


  3. I know you guys will have flown by now but I’ve been away on holiday myself (in Europe) but I LOVE flying! The hustle and bustle of the airport isn’t so bad- I’m on who gets a bit worried if I don’t know what gate I need to go to. Or that I would miss my flight. But it’s cool, plenty of notice boards with all the information you need and the tannoy announcements. My thoughts on the food, I understand why you’d be worried. It’s very hit or miss but that’s why from a young age (when I was a really fussy eater) I use to get a giant toblerone from the airport before Boarding and then I always had this as back up! And now that has become a tradition for me to buy one every time I fly- even if I don’t get a meal on the plane! With terms of stuff to do; watching the films makes the time go by fast, but also listening to music or reading a book or magazines? Taking a colouring book is a great idea as it keeps you occupied and is calming for the nerves! Unfortunately the toilet situation is… if you gotta go, you gotta go! Especially with 9 hours in the air, you’ve kind of no choice. I haven’t had a bad experience yet and I’ve been flying for the past 25 years!

    I’m sure you were both fine and the flight wasn’t too bad and a good experience for your first time!
    I hope you enjoy your holiday and I can’t wait to read a holiday blog… 💛 Han xx


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