Getting Ready for Florida : Essentials Haul Pt. 3


Well this is awkward… in our last video we said that there wouldn’t be anymore Florida hauls, we guess we lied?! Truth is, we hadn’t planned on buying much more for our trip but we ended up finding some things we desperately needed (and treated ourselves to a few extra bits!). We wanted to show you guys the last few bits we’ve bought, as we thought they may be of interest to you as there are lots more Disney items!

From Minnie ears to backpacks and less exciting things; rain coats, these are the final purchases we’ve made in preparation for our trip. We’ve really enjoyed filming lately and we’re pleased that we’re feeling more confident doing so now! We hope our personalities are showing more and that you’re enjoying our videos!

Have you seen any items in this haul that you now want to go and pick up? Let us know if anything has caught your eye! Also, we would love to hear your recommendations for Disney World. Is there a quick service restaurant that we need to visit? Where are your favourite places to buy snacks? Who are the characters that we must meet? We love hearing about other people’s experiences and their recommendations so please do let us know!

lauren and rachel

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