August OOTD: Styling Summer Skirts


Is it just us, or is it super hard to find the perfect skirt? We always seem to fall in love with skirts that are either too short, too tight across the bum or that we just don’t feel comfortable in once we’ve tried it on. After searching for the dream skirt for quite some time now, we’ve both managed to find one which ticks all the boxes for us, finally!! There’s still a few weeks of Summer left and these two skirts are perfect for the season. Of course we used our August Outfit of the Day post as an excuse to showcase them, because they’re too nice for you guys to not see!  We really love doing OOTD posts every month, as they allow us to get out and explore pretty locations to take photos in and sometimes we even find local places which we never even know existed. Sometimes it can just be good to put some nice clothes on and head out for some fresh air. We can only hope that we can still find time to do this once September hits and we go back to our usual busy lives.


Top – Primark
Skirt – New Look
Jacket – Forever 21 (old)
Bag – Lush
Boots – Dr Martens


I feel that spots and florals are becoming a new trend and I am totally on board with that! I love both patterns so having them both in one design is a dream come true for me. As soon as I saw this skirt I fell in love. The length is the first thing that caught my eye. Finally, a skirt that isn’t too short for me! I love how it has an underskirt (which is actually fairly short) but it is covered up by layers of flowy patterned material, it’s beautiful! It isn’t just cut straight either, it has a kind of wavy bottom which is really unique and pretty. It’s such a versatile skirt too, since it can be dressed up for an important occasion or just worn more casually like I am here.

Saying that, it is fairly hard to style as if you chuck on any old top it will seriously clash! That’s why I opted for a plain white tee. I didn’t feel it looked right untucked or even tucked into the skirt, so I did my usual and tied up my top. I like how this tee is quite tight fitting, as I feel it gives me shape. Since the skirt is flowy I feel a tighter fitting top not only keeps my shape, but draws attention to the skirt more too.


As I said in our last fashion post, I feel it’s important to keep it real and be true to yourself when it comes to blogging. If I was to put together an ideal outfit involving this skirt, I probably would have worn some lace up espadrilles as I think they’d look lovely and would shout “blogger”. Instead I chucked on my Dr Marten boots, as they are far more practical. When we took these photos we went for a long walk and I knew I needed something that would be comfy to walk in (my lace up espadrilles hurt my feet!!). I kind of regret it now because I know that would’ve looked nicer and more ‘put together’, but as I said I need to stay real and these shoes were the most practical choice for the day! I still like how they look though, to me they always make an outfit look a little grunge and I love that.

The weather this August hasn’t been too great has it? I’ve been finding myself needing to wear jackets but that’s fine by me because I enjoy styling them with other clothes. This cropped blue jacket is perfect for summer and it goes so well with any sort of high waisted trouser or skirt and I love wearing it with dresses too. I think the blue denim looks lovely with the white tee and the patterned skirt and the sleeves can be rolled up for a more casual look. A bag is always essential wherever I go and since I planned on taking some photos on our walk that day, I needed a bigger bag for my camera lenses. This Lush bag is the perfect size for stuff like that and it doesn’t look too bad with my outfit too! I spoke about it in our July favourites and I love the pretty floral design. Lush canvas bags are my favourites!



Top – Primark
Skirt – Tesco
Jacket – Primark
Bag – Primark
Boots – Dr Martens


For this ootd I decided to I keep this outfit what I consider to be a real and casual representation of what I wear on a normal day. Our last fashion post has made me feel like it’s acceptable to showcase outfits that don’t shout ‘blogger’ and according to the feedback we received from you guys, you relate to posts that are more like this! The items I’m wearing in these photos are also great if you’re on a budget (apart from the Docs obviously), Primark are slaying it lately and I actually found some cute clothes in Tesco which is great considering I never look in there normally! So let’s get on with talking about the outfit details…

I think everybody knows that polka dots are really my thing, I feel like they appear regularly on our blog and Instagram! I just love polka dots so much, whether it’s trousers, tops, skirts or jumpers; if it has polka dots on it I’ll probably buy it! This skirt was a bargain at £12 and I’m so happy with the length and style. It has an elasticated band at the back meaning it’s easy to get on and off and it’s a lovely length, meaning I’m not feeling as self conscious about the world potentially seeing my butt. Oh and guys I forgot to mention the one thing that had me sold about this skirt… it has pockets!! Yes, a skirt with pockets, is there anything better? Speaking of bargains, I was in desperate need of a new bag so I picked this one up in Primark for £12 which I think is great. It’s quite a big bag which means I can fill it with rubbish, as per.


I decided to pair this skirt with my favourite tee that I’ve ever bought! Can you believe this t-shirt was £6 from Primark? Honestly guys, I am loving Primark so much. All these Beauty and the Beast items have been making me so happy, I’m all set for Disney with all these new tees. I love the embroidered Lumiere detail and the t-shirt material is so soft it’s like my dream t-shirt! I decided to tie it up as I feel like it gives me a little more shape compared to just tucking the top in to the skirt. I’ve been lacking body confidence lately so I’m trying to do anything I can that gives me a little boost.

As the weather hasn’t been amazing lately I finished this look off with my pink cord jacket from Primark (I got it last year). It’s quite a thin material which means it’s perfect for that kind of weather where you don’t need a thick jacket but there’s a little chill in the air. Pink normally isn’t my colour but hey, I’m always up for trying to wear different colours as it makes a change from my normal black and white clothing. Of course no outfit would be complete without my leather Dr Martens, after almost 4 years these boots are still going strong.

_MG_2576 2.jpg_MG_2558_MG_2553

It’s a shame that the weather hasn’t been too great lately but we’re still wearing our summer skirts. Both of these skirts are versatile and can be styled in different ways, so we hope we’ve given you some styling inspo if you have skirts that are similar. Hopefully the weather will brighten up in England as it’s safe to say it’s been a very dull August!

lauren and rachel

15 thoughts on “August OOTD: Styling Summer Skirts

  1. Love your outfits girls, the photography is so nice too! The skirts are super cute and really versatile. Lately I’ve been having a real hard time finding any I like but these are nice 🙂 and when autumn rolls around you can team them with tights and chunky knits x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been looking for a pink jacket for ages and yours looks gorgeous Lauren!
    I’m absolutely in love with the photo of you with your denim jacket around your shoulders Rachel, it’s gorgeous!
    Love ya gals xxx


  3. I never know how to style skirts! Lol. So they spend most of their time at the back of my wardrobe in work, but these photos have given me some ideas. I love both skirts especially the polka dot one and I’m hoping I can find it in Tesco.

    Liked by 1 person

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