Why We Aren’t Fans of the ‘Off the Shoulder’ Trend


One of the biggest trends we’ve been seeing over the last couple of months in the shops, on blogs and all over Instagram is the ‘off the shoulder’ trend. Lately we’ve been finding so many amazing jumpsuits, playsuits, tops and dresses and they’re all off the shoulder. This bardot trend is everywhere so it’s clearly one that a lot of people have been loving! It is a trend that has taken the stores by storm but unfortunately for us, we aren’t too keen. Yes we do know it’s probably an incredibly unpopular opinion but we do have our reasons so stick around and let us explain!

As pretty as the off the shoulder trend is, there are a variety of reasons we just can’t get on board. It’s not like we haven’t tried to fall in love with this trend, there are just a few factors that are holding us back.


As two individuals who absolutely hate strapless bras, this is the main reason for us disliking off the shoulder clothes. Sure, you can try and wear a normal bra but we feel that this takes away from the whole point of wearing something off the shoulder. We are still yet to find a style of strapless bra that is both comfortable and supportive so until we do it’s likely we’ll be avoiding all the pretty clothes! Of course you can go bra-less if you like, although we personally don’t feel confident enough to do that!

This probably sounds a little odd, so let us explain! From the minimal encounters we’ve had with off the shoulder clothing (tops, in particular), we’ve found that whenever you reach up the whole item of clothing goes up too. This means that instead of the top lying flat across your chest, it actually goes up over your shoulders. Due to this, you find yourself continuously pulling the item of clothing down and rearranging it, that’s too much effort for us!

This is where this post gets a little bit personal. As two people who are quite self conscious of their arms (Rachel) and shoulders (Lauren) this style of clothing probably isn’t for us. I (Lauren) have always found that where I have quite broad shoulders, anything that draws attention to them makes me feel uncomfortable and in my opinion, can often look unflattering. Due to feeling this way I obviously choose to not wear this trend, I have 1 dress that is of this style and I only really wear it at home because I am so self conscious.

“Look at that cute skirt over the- oh wait, it has arms….” As our blogger friend Paris reminded us, off the shoulder tops often look like skirts from a distance, which is incredibly annoying when you think you’ve found the perfect skirt then you pick it up to find the arms floating around. Look at them, just sitting there looking all pretty waiting to troll you!! Not cool!

As we’ve already said, this trend is everywhere and that is something we have been a little frustrated about. Every nice item of clothing we have found has been off the shoulder and it seems as if there is no other style of clothing out. Don’t get us wrong, it looks amazing on everyone we’ve seen wearing it but it can be annoying when you can’t find anything other than bardot tops, dresses etc!


Obviously if you guys are loving the off the shoulder trend then that’s perfectly okay! Everyone we’ve seen wearing it looks lovely and we just wish that we could pull it off and feel comfortable and confident ourselves! Can you relate to any of the points we’ve made? If you’re somebody who can’t get enough of the trend then maybe you could give us some tips on how we could try to fall in love with it too!

lauren and rachel


22 thoughts on “Why We Aren’t Fans of the ‘Off the Shoulder’ Trend

  1. I’m 100% with you girls! Ugh, SO many gorgeous items just absolutely ruined by being off-shoulder. I’m lucky in that I’m not self conscious or anything, so I’d be fine if they even just added a couple of little spaghetti straps and made them more “cold shoulder” style items of clothing. But noo, they insist to create hundreds of incredibly annoying items. I hate them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • Paris the arms are the worst!! I wore an off the shoulder dress for our next YT video (the only one I own), when watching the video back I am constantly trying to readjust myself because every time I move, the arms move too. ARGH!! – Lauren xx


  2. I completely agree 1000000%, I’ve not even once considered trying anything bardot style!
    I’m just patiently waiting for bigger bust clothes to come back into fashion, ahaha :’)
    Fab post yet again my girlies x


  3. Totally agree! I’ve tried to make them work but unfortunately they just really don’t suit me. I haate going strapless and I find these tops bellow out over my chest and make me look rather large. The look of them is cute but sadly they aren’t for me either! Holly x


  4. I absolutely love off the shoulder tops, but it makes me so sad because I absolutely HATE HATE HATE my shoulders!! I find it a shame sometimes because they are such pretty tops and if I want to wear them then I just have to embrace having broad shoulders! I agree with most of these though, like you can’t lift your arms up and you have to wear a strapless bra! I loved reading what you thought of these style tops!

    Sophia // https://sophiaaaxo.com


  5. Honestly, I used to hate anything that drew any attention to my shoulders but since I have embraced them, I love select off-shoulder shirts! It always depends on the color and the way it is worn.


  6. I have quite big boobs for my size and I was given some advice for strapless bras as I was struggling to find one that fitted, was to go a cup size up but band size down and I found it really worked and now I wear a lot more strapless/off the shoulder things

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


  7. I know what you mean! I saw a great purple checked skirt in Tesco the other day but, you guessed it, was actually an off the shoulder top. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I don’t like the trend, I’ve tried a couple on but they never stay Sat on my shoulders properly and I have to keep readjusting them.

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  8. I love the trend and love the tops but oh my god I HATE strapless bras!!! They are the most annoying things in the world. I have one off the shoulder top and that is enough for me as any more time in a strapless bra would get too painful. Great post girls x

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  9. I don’t hate off the shoulder, or it’s sister trend the cold shoulder.. but I am dismayed at how prevalent they are. I have tattoos that I choose not to show in work situations.. and they are on my shoulders. It’s currently super hard to find a top with any kind of design interest that covers the shoulders.


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