OOTD- Staying True to Ourselves


We feel like it’s so important to be real on our blog, especially when it comes to fashion posts. We always put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way in our blog photos; we want to look like our favourite fashion bloggers, we want to make an effort and look cool and somewhat “edgy” and most importantly we want to feel good about ourselves. That being said, most days when we’re not taking blog photos we don’t make that amount of effort and that’s what today’s post is all about. We don’t go out a lot, we don’t live perfect, exciting lives like you see on Instagram and therefore going out to take blog photos is the only excuse we ever have to get dressed up! Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love making an effort and putting our favourite clothes on for pictures, although sometimes it’s nice to chuck on a casual outfit and show everyone what we’d wear on an average day. So today we’re talking casual, everyday clothing. Effortless outfits which we throw on when we’re going shopping, or to uni, because unlike the people we worship on Instagram, these are the only places we really go to!


Top – H&M
Mom Jeans – Topshop
Trainers – Vans


There’s nothing I love more than putting my best clothes and makeup on and heading out to take blog photos. I don’t really go out anywhere fancy, so going out to different parks to shoot fashion photos makes me feel like my life is actually somewhat exciting, or at least I can pretend it is! I’m forever comparing myself to other people and bloggers, whether it’s their lives, their clothes or just how they look in general. It can be so difficult to not get upset over things like that. I’m guilty of wishing my life could be like that cool blogger, who’s Instagram is full of snaps from their adventures all around the world, but that’s just obviously not how my life is meant to be. Sometimes I feel like social media can consume us and sometimes we need to just appreciate our own lives, no matter how “boring” they are, you know?! I’m probably getting a bit too serious now so we’ll save this for another post and I’ll get on with talking about my outfit!

I love skirts, trousers and dresses but sometimes I find myself just chucking on some jeans and a t-shirt. I love mom jeans even though I don’t think they suit me, because they look effortless on purpose. These blue mom jeans are perfect for summer, not only because they’re a light colour but they’re really cropped (confession: I found these in the sale a year ago and they were the only pair so I bought them even though they’re actually like two sizes too short for me) so they keep my legs cool.


Summer is probably the only time you’ll see me not wearing as much black! I love how well blue jeans and white t-shirts go together and this one from H&M is one of my new favourites. I love the shiny square design and the “Girls Support Girls” phrase! As I said about a similar tee in our last post, I love the message behind it as I feel it’s so important to spread positivity, especially in the blogging community. The sleeves came rolled up which I love and I also tied it up at the bottom to add to the casual, summery look. I finished this ‘look’ with my scruffy old Vans. They’re probably my most worn pair of shoes because they’re light, comfy and can be worn with pretty much anything! They’re my go to trainers for uni, work, or if I have to just chuck a pair of shoes on and head out quickly!


Lauren _MG_2190_MG_2183

Dress – Primark
Trainers – Converse
Sunglasses – Primark


For this look I wanted to show what I’d wear on an average day where I’m not feeling super bloggery! This is also one of the first posts in a very long time where I haven’t worn lipstick because if I’m being honest, I rarely wear it on a daily basis. Something as small as not wearing lipstick in a blog photo might not seem like a big deal to some people, however, to me I always feel somewhat more confident with it! As we’ve already said I do find myself feeling pressure to look a certain way in blog photos because of all the amazing blogs we read. I have always been someone who compares themselves to others, I never feel pretty enough, toned enough and my hair is never good enough. I feel like these photos show a different side to me and make me feel like it’s okay to not always look like a style icon (I’m obviously not but I wish I was!). Sometimes you just want to shove a dress and converse on and wear a minimal amount of make up and that’s perfectly fine!

So let’s move on to this ‘outfit’ that I’m wearing. For me Primark are killing it at the moment, I’ve been finding so many great clothes that fit well and this dress is a perfect example of that. It’s a shift style dress with a sort of peplum bottom (I’m not an expert so please correct me if I’m wrong!) and I’m really feeling it at the moment, as I hate tight clothing that clings to me. The only thing I’m a little worried about is that it makes my hips look a little bit bigger than they are, or maybe I’m just imagining it. That being said I’m always wearing this at the moment. Also, can we just take a moment because this is the first yellow item of clothing I own. Crazy right? I honestly feel that this little £13 dress is the perfect Summer dress!!


When it comes to footwear you’ll all know that I’m mainly in Dr Martens but I wasn’t sure how they’d look with this dress, oh and it was pretty warm when we took these photos. For me, Docs and the heat = no just no! I’ve always loved Converse and these black ones have been worn so much they’re now looking a little gross. I still love them though and I’m sure I’ll still get plenty of wear out of them!


We guess the point we’re trying to make with this post is how easy it is to compare our lives and our bodies to other people. We just want everybody to know that it is only normal. You are you, you are unique and we all need to try and embrace this and learn to love ourselves! We hope you enjoyed seeing a more casual side to us two and hopefully you’ll be able to take something from this post, even if it’s just given you some inspiration for a casual summer outfit!

lauren and rachel

23 thoughts on “OOTD- Staying True to Ourselves

  1. You both look great (as always)! I think a lot of us bloggers feel the same. I have tried to change my way of thinking, instead of putting myself down, I’ll look at those extremely successful people who look so perfect in every picture as inspiration and motivation to do more and do it to my best ability! After all, we started these blogs for ourselves as a creative outlet, not for anyone else’s approval. 🙂 As you guys say at the end of the post, we must embrace and learn to love ourselves! 🙂 Thanks for a great post


  2. Thanks for keeping it real- I wish more people would! So many people pretend on social media, getting dressed up for photographs but never showing what day-to-day life is *really* like. I’m actually way more interested in something I can relate to than something curated with the purpose of misleading! I also love the outfits you chose, they are both fabulous and can we talk about that location?! Gorgeous. More posts like this please. 💖



    • Thank you so much Yasmine! We’re going to try and keep it real with all of our fashion posts, it’s not like we haven’t done so already, but now we see the importance of making fashion posts more relatable! The location is in Southend! It’s so beautiful!!! Xx


  3. The back detail on Lauren’s dress is sooo pretty!
    It’s nice to read that I’m not the only human that doesn’t often leave the house as well, aha.
    Beautiful girlies, as always xxx


  4. I looooove the mom jeans Rachel is wearing, mom jeans are my favourite thing right now. So comfy and effortless. Love both of the outfits girls, I never take outfit photos purely because I am never well enough put together for them xx


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