Getting Ready for Florida : Essentials Haul Pt. 2


The countdown is officially on, we fly to America in less than a month… eeeeek!! We honestly can’t believe how quick it is coming round. It’s really crazy to think that soon enough we’ll be on a plane for the first time in our lives! Due to the fact that we normally holiday in good old sunny England, we’ve had to go out a buy a tonne of new clothes and what better way to show you than in a YouTube video?

A little while ago now we posted a Florida Essentials Haulย and since then we have purchased even more items. We’re not sure if anybody is too interested but we love seeing what people buy and we thought a few of these items in our video will be of interest to Disney fans!

We’d say we’re getting slightly more confident when it comes to recording YouTube videos and our editing is slightly better than it used to be! Hopefully this means we’ll have loads of new ideas for videos in the future. Apologies for how zoomed in this video is though, it’s a real struggle in our house to find the perfect filming location. There’s either loads of space in one room but some background noise, or no space at all in another room but no background noise!!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this video and maybe even find a few things that are perfect for your own holiday!! Whether you’re going on holiday abroad, in England or spending your Summer at home, we hope you all have a lovely Summer!

lauren and rachel

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Florida : Essentials Haul Pt. 2

  1. Super excited for your guys! Florida is great! As a Disney obsessed individual and lover of the Orlando area, let me know if you would like any food suggestions. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Aah! I’m super late in responding to this.
        If you still need any quick service/fast food suggestions these are my favs at the parks
        Magic Kingdom – Be Our Guest is sooo magical! ๐Ÿ™‚
        Animal Kingdom – Harambe Market (had some pretty good chicken tikka masala for quick service and other tasty affordable meals)
        Epcot – Boulangerie is a SUPER popular baked goods pit stop
        Hollywood Studios – Not quick service but sci-fi dine in is soo much fun.
        Disney Springs – Blaze Pizza and Sprinkles cupcakes are too die for! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Hope you guys have a great time!

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