AA Skincare – Shampoo Bars Review*


A few months ago we set ourselves the challenge of finding some more cruelty free beauty brands online. We love looking around to find independent and small brands and as we’ve previously mentioned, Twitter is great for doing so. AA Skincare are a brand that we’ve been following for a while on Twitter but never got round to looking at properly. To cut a long story short, we eventually got into contact with AA and they kindly sent us two shampoo bars of our choice! We’ve always been fans of the ever so popular Lush shampoo bars and couldn’t wait to see how these ones compared.


AA Skincare are a brand developed by Amphora Aromatics, a brand who have been one of the biggest suppliers of pure essential oils and aromatherapy products for over 30 years. Their products are created using all natural ingredients and essentials oils, including Aloe, Frankincense, Lavender and Neroli, making their products perfect for your skin. They cater for all different skin types, so whether you have dry, oily, spot prone or sensitive skin, there is something for you.

Their website states that their aim is:



AA Skincare sell a variety of products such as face masks, deodorants, toners and even hand soaps. If you’re a fan of affordable and natural products there’s bound to be a product that suits your needs on their store! But the products that caught our attention the most were the shampoo bars in their hair care range. There are 7 to choose from and each caters for a different hair type. At £5.94 for a 50g bar we would say that these products are well priced for the amount of product you get, as bars always last longer than the average bottle! We’ve always been fans of shampoo bars, not only because they last longer than bottles, but they’re so convenient for when you’re travelling too!


AA Skincare kindly sent us both one shampoo bar each to use and review. After looking through their range we both decided on the one we thought was best for our hair type: Intense Coconut for Rachel’s dry and damaged hair and Zing Fresh for Lauren’s oily and dry hair.


Intense Coconut (Rachel):
The majority of hair products I own contain coconut in them, not only because I love the scent but because I know they will help keep my hair feeling soft and conditioned. At first I wished I had picked a different shampoo bar just to change things up a bit, although I knew this was the one that was going to be best for my hair type. The Intense Coconut shampoo bar contains coconut oil which is known for it’s conditioning properties. It doesn’t contain many other ingredients which gives me the impression that the product is a very natural one, which will be suitable for my sensitive skin.

Considering it is packed with coconut oil, the only downside to this product is that the scent isn’t very strong. There is a very subtle natural soapy smell but you can’t smell it once it is on your hair. This only matters to me because I love when a hair product smells nice and leaves the scent lingering on my hair, although this doesn’t reflect how the product benefits your hair and I would NOT let it put you off buying it! Since using the product for a while I have noticed my hair now looks shinier, feels healthier and my scalp is less irritated. AA Skincare also state that this shampoo bar promotes a healthy scalp and encourages hair growth, which is perfect for somebody like me who’s trying to grow their hair!


Zing Fresh (Lauren):
Unfortunately, I am one of those people who suffers with oily roots and dry ends, so finding a hair product that helps with both of these issues can be a struggle. So of course I was really impressed to see that AA sold a product which targets the exact areas I need help with! The scent of this product shocked me a little as I was thinking ‘zing fresh’ would mean that the bar has a lemon and lime scent but in fact it’s more peppermint. I love anything with a minty fresh scent so as soon as I smelt the shampoo bar I was even happier with the product.

The two main ingredients in this shampoo bar are coconut oil, which reduces irritation to the scalp, and peppermint, which cleanses and balances oily hair whilst promoting growth due to its stimulation properties. I have to say I love this shampoo bar and since using it I have ditched my other shampoos (even my Lush ones which is completely shocking I know!!) and this has become my number 1! The scent of the bar itself is strong but not sickly although it doesn’t leave a scent on my hair, but I’m not too bothered about that as I use a conditioner anyway. Since using this bar I feel like my scalp is not as itchy and the ends of my hair feel nowhere near as dry as they did before. As for my oily roots, with every use I feel as if my hair is less oily/greasy. Don’t get me wrong it’s still oily but nowhere near as bad and these things take time to work their magic. I definitely think I will purchase this shampoo bar once I’ve used it up, I’m that impressed!


Something that we feel is important when it comes to buying a new product is the packaging. The AA Skincare packaging is professional looking but also neat and compact. We love the little box they come in and each one has a different colour theme. We also love how they manage to fit everything you need to know about the product on such a small box, including what the product is for, the ingredients and even a little ‘how to use’ section for shampoo bar newbies! The shampoo bars also come wrapped which makes them seem even fresher when you open them up.


One thing we’ve noticed is that they dry fairly quickly compared to other shampoo bars we have used. We feel this is due to the shape of them, since they are not flat, allowing more of the shampoo bar to dry. This also stops the product from sticking to a surface whilst drying, which is an issue we’ve found with other brands we have used in the past. To ensure the shampoo bars dry properly, we place them on a flat surface covered with a bit of cling film and turn them around once one side is completely dry.


Overall we are incredibly pleased with these shampoo bars from AA skincare. They do exactly what they say on the packet whilst smelling amazing and drying super quick. It’s always good to change things up a bit and try products from new brands and we’d recommend visiting the AA Skincare store and finding something to treat yourself with!


*Although we were gifted these products, all opinions are our own.

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