Getting Ready for Florida: DIY Disney Autograph Books


One of the main things we’re most excited to do when we go to Disney is meet some of our favourite characters. Now to some people this may seem a little childish and immature but we’ve both wanted to go to Disney since we were kids, so not meeting any characters wouldn’t feel right. We think it’s so interesting how every single character has a unique autograph and an autograph book would be a great keepsake from our trip. We decided to set ourselves the challenge of making our own autograph books as we need to save a bit of money and it gave us a little something to do too!


Believe it or not our autograph books are actually A6 sketchbooks from WHSmith! They were around £2.50 and are the perfect size to fit into our bumbags, meaning we’ll be able to take them to the parks everyday! It was quite easy finding supplies to use to create our books. We found pastel card in shops such as The Range and Poundland and a selection of tissue paper from Asda.

To make our autograph books look a little fancy, we made a small slit in both the front and back covers and put some ribbon through. The ribbon we used was just some we had lying around. We’re hoarders and we just collect random bits to put in our ‘craft box’! When it came to getting ideas for what to put on them, we looked all over the internet for some autograph book inspo and settled on creating the outfit/costume of our favourite Disney princesses. Once we were done with designing them we used a plastic covering from Wilko just to protect them as we’ll be walking around all the parks with them!



As soon as I decided to create an autograph book I knew it had to be Rapunzel themed! I decided on making her dress as it’s one of my favourite Disney outfits. I love how the ribbon gives it a 3D look and I know it’s a simple design but I love it! I also added some pink flower sequins which I think is really nice touch too and just shouts Rapunzel. I designed Lauren and I a little banner for the inside of our autograph books as a reminder of the date of our holiday, so we can look back on it (although I’ve realised I forgot the year, oops! In my defence it wouldn’t have fit on the line anyway!!).



For me choosing a character for my autograph book was so hard. My favourite princess of all time is Belle but I knew that would but too much of a challenge for me to create. Unfortunately I’m not like Rachel and when it comes to making things mine always looks like a 2 year olds work! I decided that Ariel (my second fave) would be a little easier to create. Rachel still had to help me but I’m happy with the end result! I added a few stickers to go with the underwater theme too.


We really enjoyed making these and we can’t wait to take them to Disneyworld! If any of you guys are going to Disney and making your own autograph books we’d love to see them so make sure to tweet us or comment below!


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