What We’re Thinking When Taking Fashion Photos

_MG_9338.jpgFashion is our favourite thing to write about on our blog. We love writing about any new items that we’ve bought or even just showing how we style bits that have been in our wardrobes since we can remember! But being a fashion blogger involves posing in front of the camera and trying to look cool…Something we’re not too good at! Every single time we brave it and step outside of the house to get photos there are certain thoughts that run through our minds. If you’re a fellow fashion blogger we really hope that you can relate to some of them!


‘Quick, do an eyebrow check!’
So you’re doing your best attempt at a ‘blogger’ pose, trying to not look too awkward, then you realise you’ve got a few stray eyebrow hairs. Not a great look! Nothing a little sweep with your finger can’t fix though!

‘Oh god that person is walking towards me
It’s always scary when you see somebody walking towards you and you’re standing there, mid-pose, trying to get a good shot. What must they be thinking right now?! Do they think we’re being vain?? We’re not sure about you but we get SO many strange looks as soon as we get the camera out.

‘Yep, they’re staring at me, definitely staring at me’
Every single time!! Have they never seen a camera before? We often result in using the excuse “oh you know, just doing this for my photography degree project” in hope that they won’t think we’re as weird. I guess we’re kind of not lying since Rachel is actually studying photography?!

‘Do I look cool right now or do I look like a twat who’s trying too hard?’
This one’s kind of self-explanatory. We’re not models so we don’t have a clue what we’re doing when it comes to being in front of the camera!


‘Channel your edgy inner self’
We’re huge fans of alternative fashion, although we don’t really fit the niche! When it comes to getting fashion photos we try our best to look ‘cool and edgy’, although 9 times out of 10, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t go as planned!

‘I’m so happy with how I look right now’ looks at photos ‘well crap, do I really look that bad?’
Sometimes it isn’t until you look back at the pictures that you realise how awkward you look and the weird faces you were making… Or even worse, when the wind blows and your hair decides to go in 10 different directions!

‘How does Helen Anderson do this?!’
We’re pretty sure we all have a blogger or an icon that we look up to in terms of their photos or content. For us, Helen Anderson is always somebody whose fashion photos and videos we admire. That gal could make a paper bag look good!! Sometimes we find ourselves saying “what would Helen Anderson do???”.

‘Just pretend you’re a photography student, at least then people think you have a reason to be taking photos’
As we’ve already said, we’re forever using the whole ‘photography student’ thing as an excuse. “These photos will be SO good for my photography project!”.


Do any of these thoughts go through your head? We used to always worry about going out for blog photos but we eventually gave in! We’ve done it so much now that isn’t doesn’t faze us as much, we just shrug it off and try not to care what people think! We guess what we’re trying to say is don’t let thoughts like this bother you. We went from being too nervous to go outside for photos to always wanting to go out and shoot!
You got this!


5 thoughts on “What We’re Thinking When Taking Fashion Photos

  1. This is such a fun post, I love the funny side too it but I also do all these things, staring is the worst, can they not see I have a banging outfit on and want pics of it with the view hahah xx


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