Getting Ready for Florida : Essentials Haul

Florida haul.jpg

As some of you may already know, we’re travelling to America in August for 2 weeks in Florida. This will be the first time we’ve ever gone abroad for a holiday which some people may think is crazy considering we are 21 and 19! Although we have around 3 months until we go, we’re trying to be prepared and buy everything we need early; so we don’t leave it until the last minute! This is our first post in our little series, ‘Getting Ready for Florida’, and today we’re talking you through some of our essentials that we’ve picked up so far.

We’ve been to a bunch of different shops to try and find what we feel are clothing essentials. Since the weather is so different to what it’s like over here, there was a lot of stuff we feel we needed to get and we haven’t even ticked everything off the list yet! From flip flops to swimming costumes and the ever so glamorous “bum bags”, we’ve tried to find the best deals all while making sure we pick up some nice pieces.

We decided to record this in video form and we hope you like it. We’ve actually purchased a proper background for filming and blog photos now which is cool! It’s still not the best though and we’re desperate for recommendations for nice backgrounds so if you know where we can get any, please let us know! We hope you enjoy this video and return to our blog for the rest of our posts on Florida that will be coming soon! We also want to try to vlog our trip to Florida around all of the parks so if you’d be interested in seeing that then do let us know!


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