May OOTD: Spots VS Stripes


There have been SO many trends lately from embroidery to gingham, but we thought we’d take it back to basics with today’s post. Polka dots and stripes have always been some of our favourite patterns and it seems like they aren’t getting as much attention lately! A few days back the sun actually decided to make an appearance, so we rushed out to take some blog photos as we wanted to show you two different outfits that show how to style both spots and stripes. What side are you on? Do you prefer delicate spots or bold stripes? Or maybe you’re up for trying all the different trends!



White Tee – Primark
Dress – H&M
Belt – New Look
Jacket – New Look
Boots – Dr Martens


I tend to be pairing my dresses with belts at the moment. I’ve been told I’m an hour glass shape so I just feel like a belt brings me in at the waist as my hips go out. Hey I’m no fashion expert so don’t take my word for it, but I like the look it gives! Would a fashion post on The Flower That Blooms really be a fashion post if there weren’t a pair of Dr Martens featured in an outfit?! As per, I’m wearing my black docs! I promise I do have other shoes/boots it would just appear that these are my most popular, although they still kill my feet! So there you have it! I love stripes but I’m really feeling polka dots for Spring and this coming Summer, I can’t wait to buy some more polka dot items!


We spoke about layering in our previous fashion post and it’s something that we’re still loving as you can probably see! I love little strappy dresses but I never feel comfortable wearing them without a top underneath. This white tee goes perfectly under my spotty dress from H&M. I’ve always loved the look of polka dots and they seem to be in lately as we’ve seen quite a few polka dot pieces in the shops! This dress is a lovely light weight material so I’m sure it’ll be perfect when the weather starts to get a little warmer here.



T-Shirt –  Topshop
Mesh Top – H&M
Skirt – Topshop
Shoes – Dr Martens
Bag – Primark


I decided to mix it up a bit with this outfit and style two pieces with both stripes and spots. I love a striped top and I love how the ‘moth bitten’ details (although you can’t see them well in the photos) on this one add a grungy vibe to it. I like the contrast between the stripes and the spots on the mesh top as I feel it just makes the outfit look more interesting compared to wearing a plain black top underneath. Since the weather isn’t too warm at the moment I can get away with wearing tops under t-shirts (which is the only good thing about the dull weather!!). I love doing this because it just adds a bit more to an outfit and makes it look like you’ve actually thought about what you’re wearing rather than just chucking anything on, if that makes sense!


I styled the tops with a black denim skirt and I love how it looks altogether! Although I’m not really wearing ‘Spring’ colours, I feel this outfit is perfect for the weather at the moment, as it isn’t that warm but I can get away with wearing a skirt and thick tights. I also chucked on my black Dr Marten shoes as I feel they work really well with the skirt to make the outfit look smart but casual. To complete my outfit is this holographic bag from Primark. Since the zip on my last bag broke I’ve been looking everywhere for a new one. As soon as I saw this I knew I needed it as the holographic design and the bright purple colour is so me! It works so well with this outfit especially, since it adds a splash of colour and breaks up the monochrome colours which I’m always wearing!


Isn’t it great going out to take photos and discovering a new location that is perfect for blog photos! There were so many pretty flowers around and even though the weather was still a bit chilly it was nice that the sun came out for us! It’s been so good to get more fashion posts up and we’re hoping now it’s nearly Summer we’ll have loads more time to go out and shoot photos. We’ve been aiming to get one fashion post up every month and so far it’s been a success ever since we set our goal in March. It feels so good to get back into blogging again as we abandoned our little blog for a while due to uni coursework taking over our lives (we’re sure some of you know our struggles!) but we’re back and will hopefully be able to blog so much more up until September!


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