MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers – NEW SHADES


If you’re a regular here then you will know our love for MUA’s Velvet Lip Lacquers! We’ve been trying to get our hands on the newer shades for so long now and finally we managed to find 4 of the new shades in our local store! We must have spoken about these lip products a 100 times but we thought we’d give you the low down on some of the new shades and show you the ones we picked up!

We’ve previously written a full review on the other MUA lip lacquers that we own and as the formula of these ones is the same, we’re mainly going to discuss the new colours in this post. If you’d like to read a full review on the product then you can find that post here. On the MUA website we found a total of 25 velvet lip lacquers, crazy right? From what we can see, there are around 4 new shades for you to try out and we have them all here. We may not be 100% accurate in saying this though, as our store never seems to stock all of them. The new shades (to our knowledge) are; Sizzle, Hustle, Elegance and Gravity; they’re still priced at £3 which is amazing as a lot of companies have put their prices up!


This time around MUA have brought out some amazing colours. We can honestly say they are some of our new favourite shades to wear! From orange to pink all the way to a perfect nude grey, there’s something for every lipstick lover in this new range.


Sizzle is a vibrant orange toned lipstick. It’s not a neon peachy colour which means it’s easier to wear if you’re not looking to draw too much attention to yourself. It’s the perfect colour to wear on a sunny Summers day!


Hustle is a deep burgundy shade which probably isn’t suited to our pale skin tones but we love it anyway! It will be the perfect shade for Autumn, although we’ll definitely be wearing this throughout Summer… because why not?!


Elegance is a deep dusty pink shade. We took these photos without a lip liner and we feel that it would probably be beneficial to line your lips before applying Elegance. Again, we feel this is more of a shade for Autumn as it’s not as vibrant as peachy tones and bright pinks that shout Summer but nevertheless we love it.


We have to say Gravity may just be one of our new favourite lipsticks! It’s perfect for everyday wear as it’s a nude/grey tone with pink undertones. It’s a really beautiful natural shade and considering we both have rather pale skin tones it suits us just fine.


Overall we’re loving the new shades that MUA have released! They are the same great formula and for £3 you really can’t go wrong with these liquid lipsticks. Do you share our love for the MUA Lip Lacquers? Which of these new shades is your favourite?


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