Intu Lakeside Student Night Challenge | April 2017


Twice a year one of our local shopping centre (Intu Lakeside) holds a student night, where stores have boosted discounts and there are competitions as well as entertainment all around the centre. We always love to shop and the fact that Intu Lakeside have student events gives us another excuse to go and treat ourselves! We were set a challenge by the guys at Intu Lakeside to find as many bargains as we could using £30 worth of gift cards between us, that were kindly gifted to us. We’re never ones to turn down a challenge so here we present to you the bargains that we found!

Before we headed to the student night we wanted to decide what sort of items we were going purchase. When you’re given £30 you immediately want to go and buy clothes but we had to release our inner bargain hunters for this challenge! Therefore, we went down the route of accessorising so that we were able to get a tonne of stuff to show you and make the most of what we were given.


Bracelets : Original Price £5 | Discounted Price £4 (Topshop)

We’re never really ones to wear many bracelets as when we were younger we used to wear far too many and it has put us off for life. That being said, we found these really cute simple ones in Topshop and felt like they’d be a cute addition to an outfit. Topshop had a boosted discount of 20% which made these appeal to us even more. They had tonnes of designs from watermelons to mermaids if you’re looking for a simple accessory then these are for you!


Mini Purse : Original Price £2.99 | Discounted Price £2.41 (H&M)

Rachel’s been looking for a little purse for America for a while now and when she came across this unicorn one she thought it would be perfect. H&M have loads of cute accessories and although this was  affordable to begin with anyway, the fact that H&M had 20% off made it that little bit better.


Millie’s Cookies : Original Price £12.99 | Discounted Price £9.19

Now sometimes you have to treat yourself! These don’t fit in with the accessory theme we were going with, however, we couldn’t resist! Millie’s Cookies had 2 different offers on for student night, one of them being 20% off of boxes of cookies. We wanted to show you that it’s not only shops that have discounts on Student Night but also food outlets. There were also discounts at Nandos and Pizza Hut so there was something for everyone if you were looking to get a deal on your dinner!


Rocket Keyring : Original Price £3.99 | Discounted Price £3.21 (H&M)

Statement key rings have been a big thing recently and H&M are currently stocking loads of cute and quirky ones. This rocket key ring really stood out to us and it’s a great addition to your car/house keys or even can be used to jazz up a backpack.


Unicorn Patch : Original Price £4 | Discounted Price £3.20 (Topshop)

If you’ve seen some of our recent fashion posts you’ll know how much we love sewing patches onto our denim jackets. Topshop have some really lovely patches in but of course when you see a unicorn patch you just have to purchase it! These patches can be ironed on but we always sew them as we find it easier!


Pin Badges : Original Price £5.99 | Discounted Price £4.81  (H&M)

We love customising our jackets with patches and pins and H&M have a whole range of them which we adore. We picked up this set of cute pins and we are both so in love with the triceratops one! They’re such good quality pins and they look great on our denim jackets!

So there you have it! We think we did pretty well with our little challenge for Student Night! Thank you to Intu Lakeside and for getting us involved, it was a great experience. The 2nd student night of the year is usually around October so if you’re in Essex keep your eyes peeled, also if you have an Intu center near you keep checking to see if they are holding a student night! It’s really simple to attend you just sign up online and then on the day pick up your free wristband and you’re good to go!


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