A Rather Small Lush Easter Haul! | 2017


This might come as a surprise to anybody who frequently comes over to our blog but we only purchased 3 items from the Lush Easter range this year! Yes, you did read that right, only 3 items! In comparison to last year, this year’s Easter range seemed to be smaller and we have to be honest, there were less items that took our fancy. We found that there just wasn’t much that we wanted this time around but it isn’t much of a bad thing since it means we spent less money! We’re really happy with what we did buy though and although it’s a very small haul for us, but we still wanted to show you guys and give you a little review of each product! We know the range was released a few weeks back but life has once again taken over so this post is up a little late. But hey we’re posting it on the first day of spring which seems fitting!

Which Came First? Bath Bomb : £6.95 


We never normally buy the bath bombs that you can get multiple uses from. Although they’re brilliant for the money, as you get 3 baths out of them, we sometimes are put off by the price and we’d rather just buy two different bath bombs. However, after smelling this bath bomb Rachel could not resist picking one up. Which Came First has a lovely sweet, fruity smell which we think is slightly similar to Mum bath bomb and reminds us of candy floss. This bath bomb has had a re-design and once again there are two different designs to choose from. One has stripes and the other has dots and we were told that each design turns the bath water a slightly different colour (one pink and one slightly more orange) but we’ve completely forgotten which bath bomb does what (we’re sure you can find out online though!).

Chocolate Lip Scrub : £5.75


We’re a sucker for a lip scrub and we love anything chocolatey, so when we came across this Lip Scrub we were both over the moon. This lip scrub smells just like chocolate orange and for anybody who is Vegan, you’ll be pleased to know this suitable for you guys to use, as it contains vegan dark chocolate. The scent of this product is so good it would be tempting to just eat the whole pot – although obviously it’s probably not a great idea to do this! This scrub has a similar texture to the Honey lip scrub, which also contains vegan chocolate. This makes it really soft compared to other lip scrubs, although Chocolate in particular has quite a wet feel to it which is a bit strange. However, after using this product your lips are left feeling really soft and ready for your favourite lipstick! The only complaint we have is that it feels like there’s not as much product in the jar as there is in other lip scrubs we’ve used. That being said, it’s still well worth the money and we recommend you purchase it as it’s our favourite product from the whole range!

Wash Behind Your Ears Shower gel : £5.95


As we tend to shower more than bath, shower gels from Lush are one of our favourite things to buy. Whenever there’s a limited edition one we always find ourselves buying it! Wash Behind Your Ears is a vibrant orange colour which really reminds us of Spring. The scent is difficult to describe as it has earthy tones but we can also smell chocolate and orange. The shower gel also has specks of glitter in it which is another thing we love about Lush products. When using this product in the shower it has a really strong scent and lathers up well. Once on the skin it begins to smell more floral and natural compared to what you smell in the bottle and the scent lingers on your skin afterwards.

Did you pick up anything from this years Easter range? Were you like us and only picked up a few bits or did you stock up on everything? We’d love to know what your thoughts are of this range!


6 thoughts on “A Rather Small Lush Easter Haul! | 2017

  1. You girls picked the same bits as me! Haha. I love the smell, and taste, of the Chocolate lip scrub. And I’m always picking up new shower gels when they released, so Wash Behind Your Ears was a must! Great selection.

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