H&M Face Masks for Different Skin Types


Something really important when it comes to skincare is finding what’s best for you skin type. There’s so many different skincare products available out there but if they aren’t suited to your skin, you might not see any improvements. One of our favourite skincare products has to be face masks, as they’re the perfect treat for your skin and can be really relaxing. H&M offer a range of different one use face mask pods and each one suits a different type of skin. Lauren has combination skin so she chose the ‘raspberry leaf’ mask, while Rachel chose the ‘coconut water’ mask for her dry skin. We decided to give these face masks a go and see if they improve our skin at all. Also, as we only buy cruelty free beauty items we made sure to check that H&M do not test their products on animals; we were pleasantly surprised to find out they’re cruelty free!


Everybody’s skin needs a little love every now and then after the amount we put it through, covering up our poor pores every day with a tonne of makeup! Sometimes it feels great to just wipe off your makeup at the end of the day and treat your skin with a face mask and it’s even better when you know it’s going to help it. Whether you have dry, oily, blemish-prone, tired or combination skin, H&M’s face mask range caters for everybody and there’s so many different ones to chose from. The face masks come in a simple bright coloured pot, which are small and easy to store. The best thing about them is they are only £1.99 each, which we think is pretty affordable compared to other face masks we’ve tried in the past!



I wasn’t blessed with nice skin and on top of having oily and blemish-prone skin, my face also gets really dry with eczema. Of course I probably should’ve gone for a face mask for combination skin but the eczema is making my face so dry at the moment, so I thought the Coconut Water face mask sounded like it would really help me out! Once I opened the little pod, the first thing I noticed was the scent. The Coconut Water face mask has a fresh clean scent of coconuts and I think it smells really natural.


When applying the face mask, I found that it was really soft and applied smoothly and easily. It has a velvety texture and a thick, creamy consistency and I noticed that it dried really quickly, so I didn’t have to worry about the face mask getting in my hair or on my clothes while wearing it (which is always annoying!). It dries a fairly clear/white colour so nothing too exciting, although I was more concerned about what it was doing for my skin! The packet states to leave the mask on for around 10-15 minutes but if I’m honest I forgot I was wearing it and must’ve had it on for around 25 minutes! Once it was time to finally wash it off, I noticed how when I added water it was silky and smooth, as if it was moisturising my face whilst being washed off. My skin was left feeling amazingly smooth and hydrated and the dry patches were barely noticeable until about an hour after.


Overall I really like this face mask and I feel it was perfect for the dry areas on my face. It contains Shea and cocoa butter as well as coconut water which are all things that are known for improving the condition of the skin. For the small price of £1.99 I could definitely see myself buying this again and maybe using one every few weeks since I saw a slight improvement in my skin afterwards. The only issue I really had was that it was quite thick so I had trouble applying it evenly, hence why it looks patchy and weird in the photos as well as the fact it dries clear (here’s a picture of it straight after being applied. Excuse the natural brows!)!.



I’ll hold my hands up and be honest here, I’ve never actually been told what type of skin I have so I just guessed when picking this up. Probably not the best thing to do but we all know our skin right? My skin is often very oily but certain parts can become dry, hence why I picked a combination mask. The scent of this face mask is incredibly strong and fruity, personally I wasn’t keen as I felt like it smelt artificial compared to other products I use. That being said it’s obvious that a H&M face mask would not smell like the ones from Lush as the ingredients being used are not fresh in H&M’s case. If you’re into strong berry smells then this is definitely for you!


As this face mask is a peel off one, the application was a little tricky. As opposed to Rachel’s face mask which had a creamy consistency, this one was quite runny. I found that it was best to apply a thin layer to your face so that it dries quicker meaning you can pull the face mask off in one. It felt lovely on my skin and didn’t aggravate me at all which is fab! Peel off face masks are so much more convenient as you don’t have to spend ages scrubbing it off your face. I was really impressed with how easy this face mask was to remove once dried!



All in all for the small price of £1.99 I would definitely buy this face mask again. Although I wasn’t too keen on the scent my skin did feel soft and refreshed after using this face mask. I’d be keen to see what the other face masks in their range are like! As I’ve already mentioned, if you’re planning on buying this face mask you need to apply a thin layer, otherwise it doesn’t dry properly and you can’t peel it off easily!

The pots contain 10ml of the product and we’ve got to be honest, when we first opened the face mask pots we were unsure of whether there would be enough to cover our whole faces. However, we were so impressed to find that we each got two uses out of our face masks! So to sum it up, the H&M face masks are definitely worth the hype! They’re a cheap alternative to a Lush face mask and they’re a perfect treat for your skin. Have you used any of these face masks before? Let us know what one you tried and what your thoughts were!


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