NYX Lip Lingerie | Review

nyx-lip-lingerie-1.jpgWe say this far too much but in terms of make-up, there’s nothing we love more than a good liquid lipstick. Over the past year we’ve tried so many different brands  but one company that have recently caught our eye is NYX. We’ve tried their ‘Liquid Suede’ liquid lipsticks range but wanted to give their ‘Lip Lingerie’ products a try too. The range consists of 12 nude toned matte liquid lipsticks so there’s plenty to choose from! If you’re looking to try a new matte lipstick from NYX but unsure if it will be for you, have a read of our thoughts:


The Lip Lingerie lipsticks are priced at only £7 and we purchased them from one of our local Boots stores. As we said there are 12 shades in total, from chocolatey browns to nude beige tones, so if you’re a fan of a nude lip this range will have you falling in love instantly! A lot of the colours in the range look very similar until you swatch them on your hand, so don’t let that fool you. It’s always worth swatching every single shade on your hand just to make sure you choose the perfect one for you. If you’re like us then you’ll always go home from makeup shopping with a hand that resembles a paint palette. Worth it though!


There isn’t too much to say about the packaging of these liquid lipsticks as it is very simple, nevertheless we’re a fan of the simplicity and in a way it has quite an elegant look. One thing we’re a little unsure of is the applicator wand. As opposed to some other liquid lipsticks (i.e Kat Von D/MUA) the applicator wand is long and flat, which can make applying the lipstick a little different if you’re not used to it. It’s not really a big issue though as you soon get used to it and some people may even prefer it to a smaller applicator wand. We find that longer lipstick applicators make applying the product quicker, since you’re able to put more on at a time.

Application & Formula

The formula of this lipstick is extremely creamy which makes it really easy to apply. It also allows for great coverage on your lips meaning that you don’t have to apply a tonne of product. Applying less product = lipstick lasts longer, thus saving money!! Although these lipsticks leave a really matte finish, we found that they weren’t harsh or drying on our lips at all, which we’ve found with other drugstore makeup brands. The lipstick doesn’t flake either meaning you’re left with a smooth finish the whole time you’re wearing it. Overall the Lip Lingeries have a smooth velvety finish, which we love the look of. We’ve found that some ultra matte lip products just look dry and cracked on the lips, whereas these products are smooth while being matte at the same time.


Staying Power 

It can really let a product down when everything about it is great, then you notice how easily it comes off your lips. Luckily these lipsticks don’t disappoint! The staying power of these liquid lipsticks has really impressed us and for that reason we’d say they’re well worth £7, if not more. When eating or drinking there is minimal transfer meaning there is no need to top up your lipstick after eating (unless you’ve eaten something really messy of course!). From our experiences from wearing these out, we’ve found they last over a few hours before they need to be topped up.


One of the most important things about buying new makeup is the cost. Especially if you’re a student like us two and need to do every bit to avoid spending too much money! If you’ve seen our post ’10 Reasons Why We’re Bad Beauty Bloggers’, you’ll know we can be a bit reluctant to spend over £5 on a lipstick. One thing we always want to know before we spend over a fiver on a lip product is… will it be worth the money? Initially we weren’t really sure if NYX lipsticks would really be worth it. We either spend a minimal amount on drugstore makeup or £16 on Kat Von D, there’s no in between! However, we’re pleased that we gave in and tried out NYX as we feel their products (these ones in particular) are definitely worth the money! The amount of product you get is just one thing that contributes to this but the formula is the best thing about this product. We’d actually say the Lip Lingeries have a similar formula to the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipsticks and we’ve even found that in some cases it stays on better!


Overall we were super impressed with the NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks. For the small price of £7 these lipsticks have amazing staying power and they leave your lips with a super matte finish that isn’t drying or flaky.  The only thing we’re a little unsure of is the shape of the wand but once you’ve used this product a few times, you get used to it anyway. The fact that there are 12 nude shades to choose from in this range is great too but we’d love to see this formula used for some bolder, more colourful shades!

Have you used anything from the NYX Lip Lingerie range? Did you like the range as much as we do? We’d love to know what you think!


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