From the Drafts: A Winter OOTD


It’s always annoying when you get photos done for a potential fashion post then life and responsibilities take over! We didn’t want the time we put into taking and editing these photos to go to waste, so we’re posting it anyway. Usually we’d just post it no matter what and pretend like we did it a few days ago but we couldn’t really get away with this one, especially since it’s not really coat weather as much anymore! Anyway, here’s a winter OOTD post, in case you need some style tips… for next winter:

Is there anything more annoying than when you have a day off work/uni so go out to do blog photos… and then it rains!?? Still, we didn’t let that stop us so please excuse the damp-ish hair in these photos. At the beginning of the year we made it our goal to have more fashion posts up on the blog as it’s something we love writing about. We’re now 3 months into the year and look at us, we’ve written a total of.. 3 fashion posts, better than nothing ay!


Coat – H&M
T-Shirt – H&M
Jeans – Topshop Jamie
Shoes – Dr Martens
Bag- Topshop


I’d been wanting a jacket in this particular style for so long, so I was super grateful when Darren got me this one for Christmas. It’s a lovely suede-ish material with faux fur inside so it keeps you really warm, just a shame it’s not rain appropriate! It’s so easy to style with jeans, dresses or skirts and I love coats that are super versatile when it comes to styling. It’s a little over-sized on me, I’m not sure whether that’s the style of the coat or where I’m small it just comes up a little big but who wants a tight coat anyway?


I’m not really one for wearing colour unless it’s spring/summer and i’m wearing florals, so this outfit is kind of a standard every day one! I’m never really a fan of jeans, I don’t find them to be comfortable but sometimes it’s so much easier to shove them on and pair them with a baggy tee – as you can see here. This printed tee from H&M is quickly becoming one of my faves and I haven’t stopped wearing it over the last few months. It’s a lovely soft material and I love the look it creates with a pair of ripped knee jeans. These Jamie ones aren’t the most comfortable pair I own but I love the look of them! To finish this outfit I wore my newest pair of Docs which kinda look like trainers. They really don’t look like Docs but I kinda like the fact that they are so different to what I usually wear. These are also super comfy so no blisters for me – yipee!! My gigantic bag is from Topshop and is perfect for me to fit all my stuff in, from notepads to umbrellas. To me you can’t beat a nice big Mary Poppins bag!!!



Coat – New Look
T-Shirt – Topshop
Jeans – Topshop Jamie
Shoes – Dr Martens
Bag- Lush


After Christmas I decided it was time to get myself a new coat and this longline coat from New Look is perfect for the weather we’re currently dealing with. It’s quite a long coat, (especially as I had to get it in the tall section as it was sold out in the normal range) which takes a bit of getting used to as it’s not the normal style I wear. It’s good though because it means it keeps your legs warm which is perfect if you’re wearing a dress or skirt! I love the leopard print too, I’d been wanting a leopard print coat for ages but wasn’t brave enough as I feel it’s quite a bold print. Since this one is grey it isn’t as noticeable which I really like and it also makes it easier to style without the colours clashing. (Looking back at these photos, I’m so glad the green is now finally out of my hair, yay!!)


This outfit is a pretty casual one which I’d normally wear to go to shopping or uni. I love this moth bitten top as the colour is quite subtle and doesn’t clash with the rest of my outfit. I don’t really wear a lot of colour so it’s nice to wear something which has a slightly pink tone but isn’t in your face! The little ripped details on the neckline and sleeves add a bit of a grungy vibe to the outfit which make it more than just a boring plain t-shirt. I’ve styled it with some cropped jeans with fishnets underneath (which I think looks cool but also keeps my legs a bit warmer!) and some Dr Martens shoes. These make a casual outfit look a little smarter and it makes a change from wearing boots like I usually do. You can’t really see my bag in these pictures, but my Lush ‘fighting animal testing’ tote bag comes everywhere with me. It’s perfect for putting all my stuff in, especially my camera, and the strap is comfortable on my shoulder. It also has an important message on it which is always good!


Here’s to hoping the weather will cheer up a bit so we won’t need to wear out coats anymore! Hopefully we’ll have a few more fashion posts up soon, especially since it’ll be spring soon which is the perfect weather to go out and get blog photos. No more damp hair, yay!


7 thoughts on “From the Drafts: A Winter OOTD

  1. Not coat weather any more?! You guys are lucky, it’s -1 here today. So much for Spring being on the way! 😥
    I love both your coats though, Rachel’s in particular has stolen my heart. I adore leopard print, espesh the black/grey variety! I’m a big fan of dusky shades of colour too, and I love blush pink, these are the colours I’ve been wearing most lately along with burgundy. I’m slowly increasing the amount of coloured clothing I own, but my wardrobe is still 80% black haha. Loved this post ladies – your fashion posts are some of my faves to read (although I suck at commenting, clearly, haha). xx


    • Oh trust us, the day after we posted this it started getting colder and raining again!!! Come on spring where are you?! Thank you we love your fashion posts too, we sick at leaving comments too and we’re forgetful when it comes to commenting! Xx


  2. Well done for braving the cold as well as the rain for blog pics! I hadn’t done an outfit post for a while because of this, great pics though. I love Topshop jeans, I have a few Jamie but prefer the Joni ones, love the leopard print coat too x


    Liked by 1 person

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