Lush Mother’s Day 2017 Haul


As you may have seen in one of our latest posts, we recently went to a blogger event at our local Lush store. Of course we couldn’t leave the store without buying lots of goodies from the new Mother’s Day range so we thought we’d show you what we purchased! We know we’ve already shown you the whole range but in this post we’ll talk about our personal experiences with these products, as well as giving you more in depth info of each item. The new range is full of lovely new products which are perfect for either treating yourself, or giving to your mum this Mother’s Day!

Mum Bath Bomb – £2.95 


Mum bath bomb has to be one of our favourite products in this year’s range. It’s such an affordable bath bomb at £2.95, meaning you can afford to treat your mum to a few other bits too (or stock up on these for yourself!). It contains a mix of lemon oil, orange oil and rose oil which give it a scent that is floral and citrus-y at the same time, a smell that reminds us of Fizzers or Refreshers sweets! There are two different designs to this bath bomb, one with yellow text and another with pink. They both do the same in the water and leave it a stunning pink colour and there’s even a thank you message inside for your mum (or yourself!!). We love the fact there are two designs, why not treat your mum to both?

Pink Custard Shower Jelly – £4.25 (100g)


We LOVE shower jellies! They’re brilliant to use both in the shower and to add to your bath to make lots of bubbles. Pink Custard is such an amazing vibrant pink colour and has a calming lavender scent, (which may be quite a surprise to you as you expect it to have a sweet scent due to the name!) as it is packed full of calming lavender oil as well as uplifting neroli oil. Pink Custard is probably a new favourite shower jelly for both of us and we think it would go perfectly in a bath cocktail with Twilight and Unicorn Horn.

Baa Bar Bubble Bar – £3.95


Baa Bar is probably one of the cutest bubble bars we’ve seen! The design is so simple but resembles a little sheep and better yet it smells like Parma Violets! It contains a mix of lavender, rose and ylang ylang to give it a slightly floral smell, reminding us of the Ultraviolet bubble bar and the Violet Nights bath oil from the kitchen. This bubble bar is quite small in size though but from what we saw at the Lush event it does make a lot of bubbles! You could also use half of it with another bubble bar to save money.

Scrubee Body Butter- £6.95


Scrubee is a really interesting product. It’s a body butter but it contains ground almonds along with cocoa butter to exfoliate and moisturise the skin. Its scent reminds us of chocolate but it has hints of honey too, it smells so good we’ve had to resist eating it on many occasions! To use the product you simply rub it on your skin and it leaves you feeling moisturised and also hydrated, which we have the shea butter to thank for. The price may seem a bit daunting but we’re sure this product will last a while as it is quite a thick body butter.

Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb – £3.50


For just £3.50, Ups-A-Daisy is a fairly big bath bomb with a beautiful design. It has different colours on each side, one orange and pink and the other yellow and blue, which work together to create beautiful patterns in the water. This bath bomb is packed full of rose absolute and rosewood oil which give it a soft floral but woody scent. It’s not too overpowering either so would be great as a gift for your mum if they’re a Lush newbie!


We were so glad that Lush gave us a new lip scrub for the Mother’s Day range! This one contains vegan white chocolate and honey which make it really soft on the lips all while tasting great! It also contains peppermint oil which tingles your lips and almost gives a plumping effect. It smells really strong of honey and vanilla and the combination of these two scents makes it the perfect lip scrub for the upcoming spring months!

So these are all of the products we love from the new range! There are a few others which we didn’t buy, either because we’re not huge fans of them or we already have some from last year. If you want to know more about the full range you can read our blogger event post here!




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