Lush Mother’s Day 2017 Blogger Event


We’re a sucker for a blogger event, especially when it’s held by our local lush store! Blogger events are a great opportunity to meet new local bloggers and talk about the thing we all love… Lush! We were invited to join them on Saturday to have a look at the new range of exclusive products for Mothers Day and let’s just say we weren’t disappointed by what Lush have to offer this year!


The event was hosted by Jess and Marco who were really friendly and showed us all of the different new products from lip scrubs to bath bombs. Upon being greeted we were given a refreshing fruity drink which added to the experience, whilst making you feel like some sort of VIP blogger which is pretty cool.


Honey Lip Scrub – £5.75 

The first product we were shown was Honey lip scrub. We’re big fans of lip scrubs and this one in particular has a really simple name which says exactly what the product smells of. It was really sweet with hints of both white chocolate, peppermint and you guessed it, honey! We were told that the peppermint oil in it tingles your lips and can plump them a little which would make this perfect to use before applying a lipstick! Unfortunately we didn’t take this item home with us, but now we’re regretting it and seriously considering going back and buying one each.


Yummy Mummy Shower Cream – £4.95 (100g)

For those of you who know Lush well, you’ll know that Yummy Mummy has been around a few times before. We were really happy to see this product come back as we’re a huge fan of the colour and scent (if you don’t already know it shares it’s scent with Strawberry Feels Forever and American Cream). This year Yummy Mummy is self preserving and we feel like this shower cream is even more moisturising now, as we got to demo it at the event. A 100g bottle costs £4.95 so in comparison to the other shower gels/creams it’s of a similar price!


Pink Custard Shower Jelly – £4.25 (100g)

One item that Jess and Marco seemed really enthusiastic about was Pink Custard. We’re a sucker for a shower jelly as they normally smell so good and they’re fun to play with! We were told this shower jelly shares it’s scent with Think Pink bath bomb and it’s a similar colour as well. The fact that this shower jelly is packed with lavender gives it a calming scent, whilst the vanilla keeps it smelling sweet. Pink Custard is a slightly more expensive shower jelly compared to the likes of Whoosh (£3.95), although considering how long shower jellies are capable of lasting, we think it’s worth the price. A 100g post costs £4.25 whilst a slightly bigger 250g pot costs £8.50.


Scrubee Body Butter- £6.95

Initially we were a bit sceptical about Scrubee as we thought that it was a sugar scrub, which we’ve never had much luck with but oh how wrong were we! Turns out Scrubee is an amazing body butter that contains ground almonds which gives this butter exfoliating properties. The first thing we noticed about this product is the amazing sweet scent which we have the honey and cocoa butter to thank for! We feel it is similar to Soft Coeur massage bar, which fyi smells heavenly! After being given a demo we completely fell in love with Scrubee and knew we had to put one in our basket! The cocoa butter and honey in this butter create an amazing chocolatey scent. After using this product you’re left feeling both exfoliated and moisturised all at once.


Next we moved on to everyone’s favourites, the bath bits! We were really impressed with how big the range is for Mother’s Day this year and all of us bloggers got far too excited over the bath bomb demos!


Elsie the Giraffe (You’re Havin’ A Bath) Reusable Bubble Bar – £6.95

One bubble bar that instantly caught everyone’s attention was the Elsie the Giraffe reusable bubble bar. It’s such a unique design for a bubble bar that is both cute and quirky! Elsie has a strong scent, similar to sherbet lemons, which is no surprise as she contains lemon oil! Lime and grapefruit oil are also packed into this bubble bar, making it so refreshing and sweet. Reusable bubble bars aren’t really our thing but we were amazed by the amount of bubbles that a few swishes of this bar gave. We feel like this product would really stand out to children and make bath time fun for them.


Baa Bar Bubble Bar – £3.95

Baa Bar was one item that we were super excited to see. It has such a cute design for a bubble bar and the scent of this product really did not disappoint! It smells like parma violet sweets which we loved! When crumbled into the water it created a mountain of fluffy bubbles. It’s safe to say Baa Bar would make a really relaxing bath, which is perfect before bed and you won’t need to be counting sheep to fall asleep!


Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar – £5.95

The best thing about this bubble bar has to be that it shares it’s scent with one of our favourite bath bombs, Frozen! The bubble bar itself has a really simple and vibrant design with a little flower on it. For £5.95 the bubble bar is pretty big and would probably last you a few baths. From what we saw the bubble bar leaves you with lime green coloured water and it would make a really nice Mother’s Day gift.

Whilst we were all standing around in awe of the new bubble bars, Jess told us the difference between the reusable and standard bubble bars. The standard bubble bars contain sodium bicarbonate whilst the reusable bubble bars contain sodium carbonate in order for them to hold together better!


Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb – £3.50

Ups-A-Daisy had to be one of our favourite products we were shown. For £3.50 it’s quite a big bath bomb and we love the cute and  colourful design. We’re personally not overly keen on the floral scent but it doesn’t let the product down, as this bath bomb has a more calming smell as opposed to some of the other products in this range. The best thing about this bath bomb is the display of colours and patterns it creates in the water. It leaves the water a lovely orange colour with a slight shimmer of lustre, which really caught our eye!


Mum Bath Bomb – £2.95 

The Mum bath bomb is so lovely for the small price of £2.95! There are two different designs and we were lucky enough to see a demo of both. This bath bomb is a fast fizzer that reminds us of the refreshers sweets we used to eat as kids. Although there are two designs of this bath bomb, pink and yellow, we found out that both leave the water a stunning and vibrant shade of pink and spoiler alert… there’s even a message inside!


Sunrise Soap – £4.25 per 100g

We’ve never really been fans of soaps, they all smell and look beautiful but they’re just not for us! However, if your mum is like ours and loves soaps, Sunrise would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It has a sweet orange scent, similar to Brightside bubble bar and is really soft on the skin and refreshing.


So there you have it, we’ve officially given you the low down on the whole Mother’s Day range. We’ll be putting a haul post up soon, so if you’d like to know what we purchased and read a more in depth review of those particular products, keep your eyes peeled! Thanks to the guys at Lush Lakeside for inviting us down to see the new products!


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