What We’re Loving – January 2017


So we’re a week into February now, how scary is that?! That must mean it’s almost two years since we started our blog, crazy! Last month was a little hectic for us but we did manage to finally film a monthly favourites video. It was obviously meant to go up at the end of last month but we had a few issues and couldn’t get the video done as Rachel was unwell last week. However, it’s done now and although it’s late, we filmed it and edited it so we might as well put it up!

As we always say, it’s far from perfect but we always give it our best when it comes to making videos. If you have any advice and could tell us where to get nice backdrops and free music or something that could improve our videos, do let us know! We also find it really hard to think of content when it comes to videos so if you have anything you want to see us make then leave us a comment!

We hope you get at least a tiny bit of enjoyment out of watching us and seeing what we were loving last month!



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