Our Favourite Unicorn Themed Buys!


Being a fan of Unicorns is probably a cliche blogger thing now but nevertheless, we aren’t ashamed to say we love anything Unicorn inspired. So if you too love a good Unicorn, you’re in company here!  There are so many different Unicorn pieces out there at the moment, from cushions to duvet covers and nightwear, if you’re looking for Unicorn bits the high street has you covered. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Unicorn (have we said the word Unicorn enough times?!) themed buys and put them in a video for you, which is also our first YT video of 2017(YAY!!)!!!

We finally have some lighting, yay! So expect our videos to look a lot nicer from now on. We’re still trying to make our videos look a bit better and we’re searching for a nice background, so if you know anywhere we can get one then please let us know! For now we’ve had to make do with a few pretty duvet covers but we don’t think they look too bad right?!

After making this video we found even more cute Unicorn bits, especially in Primark. They have tonnes of pyjamas, cushions and key rings and most of the bits featured in this video were purchased from there. Primark, you’re killing it at the moment! We really love the bits we’ve included in this video so we really do hope you enjoy watching it!! If you love Unicorns as much as we do, why not read out Unicorn Inspired Makeup post?


3 thoughts on “Our Favourite Unicorn Themed Buys!

  1. Great post – I am loving all things unicorn at the moment. I must visit Primark, soon! I have unicorn slippers from Primark, and the Unicorn Horn from Lush! Also, Paperchase have some great unicorn stuff to help fuel your obsession 😉 Haha.

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