Lush Valentine’s Day 2017 Haul


If you’re a big Lush lover like us two, it can be quite sad after Christmas when the exclusive products leave us, but at least we only had to wait a few weeks for the new Valentine’s range to grace the shelves! This years collection features a range of different products, some new and some that have been around in previous years. We have to say we’re loving the new products this year from everything from the designs to the scents. The whole collection has this really nice sweet shop feel and every product is so unique. We kept our haul fairly small this year, mostly as we need to save money and we actually still have some of last years products left over!


Cupid Bath Bomb – £2.95
This is one of our favourite products from this years range for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s so cheap meaning you can stock up and not worry too much about spending loads. The design is also so cute and just shouts Valentine’s Day for us, we love the pastel pink shade too. Lastly, the fruity but floral scent is also lovely and reminds us of a mixture of sweets. It’s hard to explain but it reminds us of both Love Hearts and Parma Violets (likely due to it containing Violet Leaf Absolute!), which is great since sweets really remind us of Valentine’s Day. Cupid bath bomb shares its scent with Razzle Dazzle bath oil and is packed full of bergamot oil, lime oil and raspberry juice, giving it its refreshing sweet smell. Obviously it’s a fairly small bath bomb but it can be mixed with another bath bomb or a bubble bar to create the perfect Valentine’s bath cocktail!


Kiss Me Quick Wash Card – £2
If you’ve been to the Oxford Street store you’ll know that they sell exclusive ‘Wash Cards’ to use in the shower. We’ve never actually bought one, although we were really happy that these miniature sized ones are available in regular stores, as it means we now get to try out a wash card! They really are unique products and the idea is to rip a piece of and lather it up to use as a body wash. We were given a demo of the product in store and a small piece of the card lathered so well and left our skin feeling super soft! The product contains fresh apple pulp as well as lemon and lime oils, which leave a fresh fruity scent lingering on your skin.


Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar – £4.25
Unicorn Horn is a firm favourite for a lot of people. First of all, everyone loves unicorns and the pastel colours and the glitter make this bubble bar even better! This product is packed with lavender oil which gives it a really soothing scent, which may be quite unexpected if you’ve never tried Unicorn Horn before! When Unicorn Horn is crumbled under the tap, the water turns a magical lilac shade with a layer of silver lustre. This product is perfect when paired with Twilight bath bomb and makes the most relaxing bath cocktail!


Lovestruck Bubble Bar – £4.25
Lovestruck was one product that we were really excited about! We love the vibrant emoji themed design and we feel that it’s a really different sort of style for Lush. Even the scent doesn’t smell like something you’d find in Lush, but this isn’t a bad thing! The bubble bar is filled with lemon oil and geranium oil which gives it a unique uplifting citrus scent. Again this is another product which remind us of sweets in a way, maybe lemon sherbets or something but we can’t quite put our finger on it! We think it would go perfectly with Fizzbanger or Dragon’s Egg and we can’t wait to try it!


Over and Over Bath Bomb – £4.25
 This bath bomb was first introduced as an exclusive product from Lush’s Creative Showcase event last summer. Like a lot of you reading we weren’t lucky enough to go there and try it out for ourselves, but Lush have been kind to us and finally released it as part of the Valentine’s range! It is similar to the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb from the Christmas 2016 range, although the bath melt on top is orange instead of pink. We love the half bath bomb half bath melt design and we adored the similar Christmas exclusive bath bomb. However, this one has a very different scent and is more citrus-y rather than fruity. The only way we can describe it is lemon scented cleaning products, although that’s not a bad thing as we love that kind of scent! The overall scent and look of the bath bomb is more ‘masculine’ than the other products from the range and would therefore make a brilliant Valentine’s Day present for a boyfriend.


Love Spell Massage Bar -£5.95
Last year the Love Spell massage bar was an Oxford Street exclusive which unfortunately we couldn’t get our hands on! Our eyes lit up when we saw it in our local store this year. We do love a good massage bar as they’re so moisturising and they don’t leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy. Instead they leave your skin feeling moisturised and conditioned due to the cocoa butter and Shea butter. Love Spell for us has a slightly chocolatey scent, probably again due to the fact that it contains cocoa butter. You can also smell floral notes in this massage bar and we’re guessing this is due to it containing rose hip syrup. It also contains aloe vera which is really softening and soothing and you can definitely smell hints of this in the product, giving it a fresh clean scent. The design is also simple yet eye catching, let’s face it nothing says Valentine’s like pink and love hearts and the fact it smells like a combination of chocolate and flowers just shouts Valentine’s day! Not only is it a really lovely design but due to all of the amazing ingredients, this product is a real treat for the skin.

Some other great products that are available in this years range include Prince Charming shower cream, Ladybird bubble bar The Kiss lip scrub and Lover Lamp bath bomb. We didn’t purchase these as we still had some left from last year (yup, we hoard stuff it’s bad!!!!). As far as we know all the products are the same design and scent from last year so if you’d like some info you can read our 2016 Valentine’s haul! A few of the Valentine’s products from this year, such as ladybird and rose bombshell, were actually in last years Mother’s Day collection so you can find some info on those from last years post. There are a few other products that we didn’t buy this year just as they aren’t really are thing, but you should definitely head down to Lush to see them for yourself!

We really can’t wait to see what Lush have in store for Mother’s Day and Easter this year! If the Valentine’s collection is anything to go by, we’re in for a right treat.

7 thoughts on “Lush Valentine’s Day 2017 Haul

  1. I am loving the Lush Valentine’s range. I’ve already stocked up on Unicorn Horn and Ladybug. But I also picked up Cupid to try. I think I might try and get my hands on the Kiss Me Quick wash card, as I’ve never tried a wash card before, and the Lovestruck bubble bar. Oh, and Prince Charming shower cream. Lush are going to bankrupt me, haha!


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