Velvet: Keeping it Casual


One of our favourite fabrics has to be velvet, whether it’s crushed velvet or embossed velvet we’ll wear it! For some reason a lot of people only associate wearing it with the festive season, especially for parties. We totally get that, it’s a material that looks so luxurious and is perfect for going out in. We remember our mum always dressing us in velvet dresses for our school Christmas parties, which is probably where our love of the material stemmed from! However, we’ve noticed how the velvet trend is suddenly leaving us again and the shops which were full of velvet tops, dresses and skirts before the new year no longer have any at all (or they’ve been put in the sale which is bonus for us!). To us, velvet if far too pretty to only be worn once a year or primarily for going out, so we thought we’d show you how easy it is to style velvet casually on a normal day. We’ve created 2 looks each to show you how we personally style it, so hopefully if you want to wear velvet but aren’t sure how to style it without looking too dressed up, this will help you out!

Lauren – Outfit 1 – The Velvet Dress


Dress – Topshop
T-Shirt – Primark
Belt – New Look
Choker – New Look
Boots – Dr Martens


I hate feeling like I’m one of those people who has to justify everything but I’m going to do it anyway. I had the worst cold ever when we took these photos and I feel like you can really see it in my eyes that I’m just run down (so I know they’re not the most flattering photos of me!!!). Moving on, I love the look of a slip dress with a tee underneath, so when I found this black velvet dress in the Topshop sale I began to think of different tops that would go with it! To keep the outfit casual I opted for this striped tee from Primark which is a really comfy material that doesn’t clash too much.

To complete the outfit I borrowed this faux leather biker jacket from Rachel (she got it from Forever 21 a few years ago), hence why it’s a little long in the arms for me! I feel like it adds to the ‘grunge’ look that I’m going for. I know this isn’t the most colourful outfit but I’m not really a fan of colour to be honest so an all black outfit makes me happy.


The dress is quite clingy around my hips and baggy around my waist, so to give myself a bit of a better shape I popped this simple belt on. I’m still not sure whether the dress is very flattering on me or not. As It really clings to my hips I’m not sure if I look frumpy but I love the feel of this dress.  It’s comfy and the velvet is really soft which is great. I’ll happily wear double denim so why not wear double velvet? These were my first pair of Docs (below), they’re looking a little battered now but I’m still in love with them. I feel like they go really well with this outfit whilst keeping it casual.


Rachel – Outfit 1 – The Velvet Skirt


Skirt – Forever 21
T-Shirt – Young Guns Merch
Jacket – Topshop
Shoes – Converse


Before I begin, can we just ignore the mess my hair is currently in. I’m having a bit of a hair crisis and my purple dip dye has faded to green which is a right pain to fade out! Talking of purple, as soon as we got the idea for this post I knew this purple velvet skirt had to come out! I got it from Forever 21 a while back and I’m in love with the patterns on it as well as the colour. I do feel like the skirt is quite ‘dressy’, so in order to make it more casual I threw on an oversized band tee and some fishnet tights. I’m loving fishnets at the moment, although I know a lot of people have mixed opinions about them. I think they make an outfit look quite ‘cool’ and ‘grunge’ although they’re probably better to wear once the weather gets warmer!


I love an oversized denim jacket and I really think it works with the whole ‘casual’ style. I recently got this in the Topshop sale and I was so happy because I’d been looking for a light denim jacket for ages. To finish the look I put on my high top converse which I always forget I own! Converse high tops were my go to shoes when I was about 14 and I still love them! I feel like this looks shows how velvet isn’t just for parties and it can definitely be worn in any season.


Lauren – Outfit 2 – The Velvet Skirt


Top – H&M
Skirt – Topshop
Shoes – Dr Martens
Hat – H&M


Velvet skirts are a must! I already own a black velvet skirt but when I saw this in Topshop I couldn’t resist. It’s a beautiful red/purple colour and the crushed velvet is soft. It’s a skater style skirt which I always prefer as they don’t cling to my hips as much, I don’t like tight clothing and I feel like this style is flattering! As the skirt is the stand out piece I decided to keep everything else simple. I love cut out tops and I thought this one from H&M went perfectly tucked into the skirt. It’s not baggy but it’s not skin tight so it’s perfect to give me some shape before the skirt flares out. I hope this makes sense, it does in my head!


Normally if I’m wearing a hat it’ll be a beanie but I didn’t feel like that was the right sort of thing for this outfit. I purchased this hat from H&M a few years back and admittedly I don’t wear it very often. That being said, if I was going out for a walk or just out for the day I’d definitely wear it with this outfit. It gives it a smart look without making it to dressy for day to day wear.


Surprise, surprise the docs had to make an appearance! This time I opted for my shoes as I feel like they create the illusion of having longer legs. Might sound silly but I’m only 5ft 2 and when I wear boots with dresses/skirts I sometimes feel like they make my legs look even shorter. The Dr Martens shoes don’t come up as high as boots so they’re perfect in that sense!

Rachel – Outfit 2 – The Velvet Top


Top – Urban Outfitters
Jeans – Topshop
Jacket – Forever 21
Shoes – Vans


I’ve mentioned this top on here before on more than one occasion but I thought it would be perfect for this post (believe it or not I have actually bought new velvet stuff recently but I thought the two items mentioned here are a bit harder to style, making them perfect for this post!). I love the berry red colour of this top but the cut out shoulders and low cut make it look quite smart. To make it more wearable for everyday I styled it with some grey ripped jeans with fishnets underneath (I’ve been loving this look lately!!) and black vans. I love how the top is the only splash of colour in the outfit as I feel it draws attention to the velvet but still keeps it looking casual.


Since it’s winter and my top is short sleeved I decided on a faux leather jacket to keep me from freezing (although at this time of the year I probably would wear a coat instead). Yeah you might’ve noticed Lauren borrowed it for her first outfit but we share clothes sometimes! I rarely get any wear out of this now as I have so many different jackets, but I do love how it looks with the grey jeans! I thought I’d go for a bold berry/pink lip to match my top (and the camera decided to make it look very bright!), I love matching my makeup with my outfits.


Shooting the photos for this post and writing up the post itself made our love for velvet grow even more!! Hopefully we’ve shown you that it isn’t just for Christmas or parties and it can actually be worn out on a normal day!


9 thoughts on “Velvet: Keeping it Casual

  1. I’m such a velvet fan so this was a lovely read! I recently grabbed myself a few velvet bargains in the sales and you’ve inspired me to try and incorporate them into my everyday wardrobe rather than leaving them for special occasions.


  2. Oh, love it! Yes, you are so right, why not prolong the season of velvet? I have bought a blue velvet dress for the New Year’s Eve, but I am going to wear it still. The dress is like yours black, and I am planing to wear it on a white or black top and with an leather Oxford shoes. Also, my dress is little bit loose in waist, but that is ehat makes it not so formal or party-dress. I just love velvet! 🙂 ♡ P.s. I have a post on my blog with that dress, if tou want to check it out.;)

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