Best Beauty Buys of 2016


Last year we tried lots of new products from the beauty world, we started our Kat Von D collection and Rachel really got into eye make up. We love writing posts about beauty products and the majority of our blog posts are based around beauty. Since there are so many products that we fell in love with last year, we thought we’d narrow it down and show you a few of our favourites.


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in Double Dare & Lolita
A few months ago Kat Von D’s beauty range was finally made available in the UK! We always said we weren’t the type of girls to spend over a fiver on a lipstick, but as soon as we knew her range was coming out that went out of the window! The liquid lipsticks in the collection are £16 each and there are so many shades available. Lolita was the one which started both of our collections, we even reviewed it on here! It’s the perfect brown/pink shade for any occasion. Since we both like similar lipstick colours we both went for Double Dare as our second purchase. It is a slightly more pink colour but still fairly subtle. The lipsticks are so worth the money and we’ve added even more to our collections already! There’s more liquid lipsticks being released soon and we’ve got our eyes on loads so once they’re available in the UK we know where our money’s going!


Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Essentials Set
One of my (Rachel) favourite purchases at the end of last year was this Real Techniques Bold Metals eye set. I had been looking around for a decent set of eye brushes for ages but never wanted to spend loads of them. I found the kit in Boots for £20 and since I received a Boots gift card for Christmas I thought I might as well spend it on these! I’ve used a few Real Techniques brushes before and everyone seems to love them, so I know how good they are. The brushes are so soft and I love the look of the metallic handles. They’re also photogenic too so will look good as blog photo props (always a bonus!). I can’t wait to use them and hopefully they’ll help make my eye makeup look a bit better.


Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Brooklyn Thorn
I (Lauren) had seen everyone raving about NYX’s lip products for a while and wondered what all the fuss was about! One of our local boots stores got a NYX stand so after Christmas I decided to purchase one of their liquid lipsticks with a gift card I got! I can’t believe how affordable their products are, this liquid lipstick was only £6.50. The quality is amazing, okay it’s not as great as Kat Von D but it comes pretty close! Brooklyn Thorn for me is a  brown/grey toned lipstick and has quickly become one of my favourite shades. I’ll definitely be buying more of the NYX lip products this year!!

Vanilla Dream perfume from New Look
We both received one of these sprays for Christmas from our mum and dad  and we fell in love with them straight away. They’re the perfect size to keep in your bag and they smell amazing! New Look sell a range of different sprays like this and the idea is that you mix and match and layer them up to create different scents. We think this is such a nice idea and we’re considering getting a few more to see if it’s as good as it sounds!


Lush Tea Tree Toner Water
This is a staple item in both of our skincare routines. It’s quick and easy to use, you can just spray it on and wipe away any dirt, which is perfect if you’re in a rush. It makes your face feel really clean afterwards and it’s great for removing makeup.

Lush Bubbly Shower Gel
This one is a Christmas exclusive so unfortunately it’s not available now. However, we’re pretty sure most of you reading this probably will have tried Bubbly shower gel and if not, make sure you do this Christmas (if it comes back)!! It has a strong orange scent so it isn’t really Christmassy to us, which makes it perfect for all year round. As with every Lush shower gel, a little goes a long way and it lathers up so well! It’s definitely one of our favourites from last years Christmas range.


Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Collection 2017
I’m (Rachel) a big fan of Makeup Revolution eye palettes. I think I’ve mentioned this one in a video somewhere but it definitely had to make it on our top beauty products of last year! It was £10 and has 144 eyeshadows in it. There’s so many shades from nude shades, vibrant colours and various shades of brown, which are perfect for achieving a smoky eye. £10 for 144 shades is a bargain and what makes it even better is how pigmented and shimmery they are!


We bought so many new products last year so these are just a few of the best ones we tried! We wonder what our favourites 2017 will be. If you have tried any products last year that you fell in love with, let us know as we love trying new things!


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