Our Festive Night In!


Over the past few years we have found it such a struggle to get ourselves in the festive mood. For some reason the majority of our deadlines have been in December/January so we’ve been too busy being stressed to feel Christmassy! We’ve always loved Christmas so we feel like wherever possible, you should treat yourself to a night in with Christmassy treats and films. So in today’s post we thought we’d give you a little insight into a typical festive night in with us! If you’re someone that struggles to get in the Christmas spirit then hopefully this post will help you to get into the mood for the festive period!


Christmas Films-

A night in just isn’t a night in without films and since this is a festive night in Christmas films are of high priority! For us nothing beats The Grinch, Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Santa Clause movies and these are a few films that are a must for us every year. Ever since we were younger we’d switch the lights off and watch Christmas films with only the Christmas tree lights on, which for some reason made us feel slightly more Christmassy!

Christmas Baking-

We don’t really have time for this one now we work on Christmas Eve, but when we were younger we’d always try to bake gingerbread or a Christmas cake on Christmas Eve. It helps to pass the time and makes you feel a tiny bit more Christmassy! If you need some inspiration we recently made Christmas Jumper Gingerbread Men and last year we made Candy Cane Cupcakes!


Hot Chocolate-

Hot chocolate is the best this time of year when you want a cosy night in. We love the Cadbury’s hot chocolate sachets because they’re so quick and easy to make. Of course you have to finish off a hot chocolate with whipped cream and loads of marshmallows!

Festive Pyjamas-

Isn’t getting into a cosy new pair of pyjamas after a long day at work or uni the best feeling?! We both love buying new pyjamas especially for Christmas eve, probably as our mum used to buy us each a pair to wear that night! Tartan PJs are especially our favourites, they’re just so Christmassy!


Christmas Snacks-

No festive night in is right without snacking on some festive treats whilst watching your favourite Christmas films! As we said, to get yourself really in the festive mood you could even create some of your own festive bakes! But don’t worry, if you don’t have time you can find loads of different festive inspired foods in supermarkets, from crisps to cakes! Some of our favourite things to eat at this time of the year are Festive Bakewells, star shaped Hula Hoops and yule log!

Christmas Colouring-

Another thing we enjoy doing if we get time is colouring! It’s really calming and fun and it’s even better when you have a Christmas themed colouring book, like the one we reviewed last year. It’s nice to sit and colour while watching your favourite Christmas film or even just something on TV and it almost makes you forget about the tonne of coursework that you have to do (which probably isn’t a good thing but oh well!)!!

It can be quite a struggle for us to get in the Christmas mood but even if we’re not feeling it, it’s nice to get home from work on Christmas Eve and use the evening to chill. There’s only 5 days to go until the big day so if you’re not feeling festive hopefully this post will help!

Happy Holidays everybody!


2 thoughts on “Our Festive Night In!

  1. I can totally relate – I don’t feel at all festive!! The Elf is one of my fave Christmas films, and I forgot till I read this post that I have it on DVD so I’ll be putting that on on Christmas Eve while I wrap the rest of the presents.

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