What we’re Loving – October 2016!


We absolutely love making monthly favourites videos or posts and it’s something we haven’t done for a while now! We’ve literally had no time at all to record videos which sucks but finally we’re back with another favourites video. We know that Halloween is over and so is October and yeah this video probably should have gone up earlier but finding spare time is a struggle! Better late than never though aye?!

We’ve tried a new filming location for this video which we’re really happy with. Our house is so poor in terms of lighting and there really isn’t much clear space for us to film. It was a quick last minute thing though, so apologies for the creased background, we’ll just say it adds to the spooky Halloween effect! Hopefully we’ll be able to find some pretty fairy lights or something to put in the background for future videos.

Also, we hate putting ourselves down because we do work really hard on videos, but our editing software kept cutting bits out which is why the video is quite jumpy in parts! Anyway, we hope at least some of you will enjoy our new video and maybe find a few bits that you’d like to purchase yourself!



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