Getting Crafty with Paperchase and Intu VIB!


As most of you will already know, we’re a sucker for anything Paperchase! So with that in mind, can you imagine how much our faces lit up when we got invited to a Paperchase event at one of our local shopping centers, Intu Lakeside?! It’s safe to say we were incredibly excited and intrigued to see what we’d be getting up to! The email we got just said that we’d be doing something Halloween themed which got us thinking, “what could it be?!?!?!”. We had such a lovely night, we thought we’d show you what we got up to and what we actually created! Oh and we know that Halloween was yesterday but with the amount of uni work we have, this is the earliest we could pop this up!


We met up with our blogger pal Hannah beforehand and on arrival to the event were greeted by Sarah and Robyn (they work for the flagship Paperchase store on Tottenham Court Road). We were told that we’d be making flower crowns and Sarah showed us how to do this step by step.


We were surrounded by tonnes of pretty ribbon, card and brightly coloured tissue paper. We each got to choose what colours we wanted to use for our flower crowns. Each of us went for something a little different which made it even more fun, as we got to see how different size flowers looked on the headband.


Although at first making paper flowers was incredibly stressful, by the third flower it felt so therapeutic! We’re really pleased with the outcome of the flower crowns and think they look so lovely! It’s the perfect accessory to wear to a Halloween party to jazz up an outfit or to wear during a festival next year.


We’d just like to say thank you to Sarah, Robyn and the team at Voice Communications and Intu Lakeside for organising the event. It was something completely different to any other event we’ve ever been to and it was thoroughly enjoyable!


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