Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita | Review


We’ve always been huge fans of Kat Von D, both as a person and as an artist. We used to watch LA ink all the time back in the day and we thought she was fab! We were SO excited to find out that the Kat Von D make up collection was launching in the UK, in fact we were counting down the days until it’s release. We’re so lucky that one of our local Debenhams stores stocks the Kat Von D products (there are currently only 2 stores in the UK). As soon as we got a chance we headed down to the Kat Von D stand and made our first purchase! We each bought Lolita as it’s the sort of shade we’ve been wanting forever and we thought we’d review it for you!


The Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipsticks are priced at £16, which is quite a bit more than what we’d usually pay for a lip product. We normally head straight to MUA for their velvet lip lacquers which are only £3! However, since trying the Kat Von D liquid lipstick we can now see that you really do pay for better quality. There are a variety of shades in the Kat Von D collection, with anything from vampy reds and browns to bright purples and pinks. There is something for everyone and all of the products in the Kat Von D collection are both cruelty free and vegan which makes them even better! Now let’s talk about the beauty that is Lolita! Lolita is a brown/dark peach toned lipstick which is great for everyday wear as it’s not too bold. It’s definitely our new favourite lipstick to wear for when we want a casual makeup look, although it is still perfect for going “out out” (where we’re from this pretty much means when you’re going out for dinner or on a night out!).



For us packaging is a big deal when we buy a product, we’re a sucker for pretty packaging! In our opinion the Kat Von D packaging is beautiful. The tube is long and thin with what looks like ‘tattoo’ detailing on it in the form of roses and lace. We love the ‘gothic’ style and to us this just screams gothic glam! As the applicator wand is quite long, it takes a bit of getting used to when you’ve been using shorter ones for a period of time. However, once you’ve used the product a few times there are no issues with applying the lipstick and after applying Lolita a few times now, we’ve actually found it so much easier than products with a shorter applicator wand!!

Application & Formula

Considering these lipsticks are ultra matte, the formula is creamy and therefore easy to apply. Just like all matte lipsticks it takes a few seconds to dry. We were also told by one of the girls that works for the Kat Von D brand that you shouldn’t rub your lips together when waiting for the product to dry. Allowing your lips to dry naturally without rubbing them together means that you will have a smoother finish. We are so incredibly pleased with the amount of coverage you can get with the product. We’ve found with some of the cheaper liquid lipsticks that they can often be hard to apply and this results in an uneven and flaky finish. The formula also doesn’t feel too harsh or dry on your lips which is great considering we’re coming up to colder months where your lips will be rather dry.


Staying Power 

When wearing Lolita, we found that the lipstick had pretty good staying power. When drinking around an hour after application there were no lipstick marks on a glass and the product stayed put. The only area in which the lipstick left our lips was on the corners and that was after a few hours of wear. However, after eating we did find that some of the lipstick had come off on the center of the lips but we personally feel like this is inevitable! The lipstick was not flaky though and therefore you could apply more product and fix your lips up in no time. Perhaps there is some way we can prep our lips before using this product so that it does not come off so much when eating, or perhaps we should eat more carefully!!


Overall we’re extremely happy with Lolita. Sometimes when brands have a lot of hype behind them you can often feel disappointed when you try it for yourself. However, this isn’t the case with Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks. We both can’t wait to purchase some more of the everlasting liquid lipsticks as we really feel that they are worth the money. It’s just a shame that we’re poor students or we’d probably buy them all! There are so many beautiful shades and don’t get us started on the rest of the Kat Von D collection as a whole! The only issue with buying a Kat Von D liquid lipstick is that we now have expensive taste and we’ve realised you do pay for quality!


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