Our Top 5 Cruelty Free Hair Conditioners!


A lot of us are always looking for a way to make our hair healthier, stronger and softer which results in us looking at the latest hair products. We always reach for an expensive conditioner, but you can’t always be sure the product is as good as it sounds. Over the past few months we’ve been trying out a tonne of different hair conditioners, some cheap and some slightly more expensive and we’ve managed to find our top 5 favourites. So in no particular order, here are our current favourite cruelty free hair conditioners!

Superdrug – Coconut & Sweet Almond £2.29:

We’re pretty sure we’ve mentioned this in a video or post before so we won’t talk about this product for too long! The Superdrug Extracts conditioners smell amazing and the coconut and almond one is a thick and creamy conditioner. As a result, after using this on your hair it leaves it feeling really soft and smells great. We’ve found that you can use loads and it doesn’t make your hair feel greasy, which is always good!

Dr Organic – Moroccan Argan Oil £6.29:

Dr Organic do an amazing range of products from hair care to skin care. They sell a variety of conditioners, all of which smell amazing. Everyone always raves about Argan Oil being amazing for your hair and we’ve tried lots of products with it in to see what the hype is about. We have to say this is one of the best we’ve tried! This conditioner in particular not only leaves your hair feeling silky, but it smells AMAZING. It has a sort of spicy yet sweet smell, almost like cinnamon sugar and it’s basically like Christmas in a bottle!

Lush – American Cream  (from) £4.95:

American Cream has such a strong scent of strawberries. It’s one of those conditioners that leaves your hair feeling silky and the product sticks to your hair and keeps it smelling amazing. The only downside is that it feels like you have to use a lot of the product to get its full benefits.


Superdrug – Coconut Water Conditioner £3.99:

Another Superdrug coconut conditioner! This conditioner is slightly more watery in consistency compared to the extracts conditioner. I (Lauren) tend to use this conditioner on a more regular basis compared to the others. It treats your hair really well but it isn’t ‘too much’ in that it nourishes the hair so much it’s greasy (I hope this makes sense to everyone else!!). The scent reminds of us fruit salad sweets which are some of our favourites so it leaves your hair smelling amazing.

Dr Organic – Virgin Olive Oil Conditioner £5.59:

Out of all the conditioners in this post this Olive Oil conditioner is probably the best. A lot of people will think that this product smells gross because olive oil doesn’t smell the nicest. However, it has a fruity smell probably due to the fact that it is blended with grape vine and blackcurrant extracts. There is also lemon peel extract in this bad boy which gives it a slight citrus kick! This conditioner leaves your hair feeling AMAZING, we need to buy bottles and bottles of this stuff as it makes your hair feel so unbelievably soft.

So there you have it! These are our most used and favourite hair conditioners. Not only are they great quality products but they’re also super affordable. Have you got any cruelty free conditioners you’re loving right now? Be sure to let us know, we love trying out new products!


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