The Perfect Gift With This Material Culture*


One thing we enjoy doing is giving gifts to our loved ones, whether it’s a Christmas or Birthday present or just a random gift! We just love the fact that we’re giving something to someone who means so much to us and seeing the smile on their face makes it worth it. With that in mind, when Rebecca from This Material Culture contacted us with an amazing idea for a collaboration centered around giving a gift, we knew it would be perfect for our blog. For this collaboration, we secretly picked an item for each other from the website to give to each other as a gift. It gave us the chance to browse through the huge range of products available at This Material Culture and find one that is perfect for each other!


For those of you who don’t know,  This Material Culture was created by Rebecca and Sam, who hand make each of the unique and quirky pieces of jewellery that can be found on their shop. Their mission is to “allow everybody to own a unique piece of handmade jewellery that reflects their personality”. They are definitely achieving this too, as they create many cute and eccentric pieces that can represent anything from a hobby to a pet. There really is something for everyone on their little shop!

Since This Material Culture are all about giving gifts and creating an item that is special to somebody, we each chose an item that we thought would make a perfect gift for each other. So here’s what we both picked and why:


Rachel: Looking through This Material Culture’s website, I found so many bits that would be a brilliant present for Lauren, some she had even mentioned to me before after seeing them post on their twitter. I decided on the castle necklace as we both love Disney and I thought she could wear it when we go to Disney World next year! It has a really delicate little charm and the necklace is on a silver plated 16″ chain. For £7 I’d say this is a very reasonable price, as it looks and feels much more expensive! It would make a perfect gift for any Disney fan like Lauren, especially if you’re looking for a beautiful gift for under a tenner!


Lauren: I decided to choose the Hedgehog Pendant for Rachel! The main reason I chose this for Rachel’s surprise being that she loves Hedgehogs. Rachel’s always saying how she’d love a pet Hedgehog! I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so for the time being she can have this little guy! The little charm is so cute and well detailed so for £7 it’s an absolute steal!!! This little guy also comes on a 16″ chain which I feel is the perfect size as Rachel can still wear this necklace with her chokers.


This photo is just to show you how delicate and cute the charms of the necklaces are. We love the size of the charms on each necklace as they are very detailed but they’re also quite small and dainty. The length of the chain is also perfect, as it isn’t too long or too short and can be styled with any outfit to give it that extra personal touch.


This Material Culture do not just sell necklaces, they also have a range of bangles, earrings and rings too, from all things geeky to girly. They also sell men’s jewellery so nobody is left out! So, if you’re looking for a few affordable, unique gifts that you can’t find anywhere else, you definitely need to have a look at their website, after all, we don’t want to scare you but it will be Christmas before you know it! We’d also like to say a huge thank you to Rebecca for getting in contact and allowing us to have this amazing opportunity! We’ve loved working with you.


*This post is a collaboration with This Material Culture. All opinions are our own.


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