How We Find Blog Inspiration


We’ve been blogging for over a year now, a year and 7 months to be precise. When we first started our blog we had so many ideas for blog posts and it was easy to get two, if not three posts up every week! Over a year on and every once in a while we find ourselves struggling to come up with new content. Our problem is we like to keep our posts exciting and unique but considering how many blogs there are online now, it’s almost impossible to be 100% original! Considering this, we’ve always managed to get at least one post up every week, no matter how stressed we’ve got thinking of an idea. So we thought we’d put together a list of a few things that keep us inspired and if it wasn’t for these, we would have run out of ideas months ago!


The first thing we do when we’re stuck for ideas is read through our own blog. It’s great to look at your old posts and see how far you’ve come, what posts you’re proud of and even what ones could’ve done with a little improvement. It’s also a good idea to have a look at your stats and see what posts did the best in terms of views. Find out what category your readers prefer and think of any new ideas you could bring to your blog that fit that category.


Reading our favourite blogs is what inspired us to start a blog in the first place and since starting it, we’ve managed to find a load of new favourites! Admittedly, since starting our own blog we’ve found it hard to find time to read blogs as much, although when we do we find loads of inspiration from them. It’s okay to read blogs and get inspired by people’s ideas, there’s a difference between using something as inspiration and just straight out copying!


Lots of people enjoy making lists. We’re always writing lists to help us with blog inspo. Your list could include upcoming blog posts, things you want to buy and review on your blog or even just a list of things that have made you happy that week! You can turn your list into a blog post and share it with your readers. A lot of people love reading personal posts, us included, so if you’re ever stuck with what to blog about why not just share a simple list of things that have made your week?


We love baking, so if we’ve run out of blog ideas and we’ve got time to bake something, we do it! Everyone loves food so if there’s nothing left in our drafts, we use baking as an emergency blog idea. It not only gives us something to do for the day, but it’s something you can quickly type up a blog post about. You also get something amazing to eat at the end of it!


If you can afford to, trying out new products is always a great excuse for a blog post. You could write up a first impressions post or a full on review of a product. Who doesn’t love buying new things?! You can try anything like make-up, new music or even food!



We often set ourselves monthly challenges in terms of views. This gives us the motivation to work on our blog whether it be by writing new content or promoting via social media. The feeling you get when you reach a challenge you have set boosts your motivation and confidence more. In turn we find that this helps to inspire us and get new ideas. Setting a challenge may help with inspiration in other ways too. You could challenge yourself to do something and write a blog post about it, for example, creating a makeup look for under £20. This means you’ve done something fun and challenging and you’re getting blog content out of it too!


If we get stuck with ideas we sometimes use Twitter to ask everyone questions. We’ve used the poll feature on twitter a few times to ask people what type of posts they like best, whether they like long or short posts and if they like posts with lots of photos. You can use the answers to help with your blog and decide what to do to get people reading your blog. If you want to get views, it’s always good to know what your audience like and work on your blog from that.


We always find that personal posts are popular with our readers. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all a little bit nosey, we love to know what’s going on in other people’s lives! Obviously sharing details of your life won’t be something every blogger wants to do, but for us we love talking about places we’ve been too or our feelings towards certain situations. Simply just talking about what you’ve been up to this week is good enough for a blog post!


Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated to blog but then we realise how much we love it and it makes us want to carry on! We’ve found that the more organised we are, the more motivated to blog we are and in turn the more inspiration we get. We’ve tried lots of different ways to be organised and bought so many different planners for our blog. It’s hard to stick to all of them so we’ve found just creating lists is good enough! It keeps everything organised but not too stressful. As we mentioned, we’ve got lists of blog ideas and when they need to be posted, lists of photos that need doing and lists of products/bog props we want to buy.


 Hopefully this post is helpful to anybody who is struggling with a bit of blogger’s block! If it gets to the point where you really are struggling and aren’t enjoying blogging anymore, it is more than okay to take a break. It can be really hard to stay motivated and inspired to blog at times. There has been weeks where we’ve had zero inspiration and therefore not blogged at all, but once you get back into the swing of things you should find that the inspiration arrives and the ideas start flowing!


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