Primark PS Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks


Did somebody say matte liquid lipsticks?! If you’ve been following our blog/YouTube for a little while you’ll know how much we love a matte lip! On a recent shopping trip we came across the new (we think!) range of lip products in Primark’s PS beauty range and the Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks really stood out to us.  Now we always like to mention that we only like buying products that are not tested on animals, so before we get into this post we would like to say that we have done some research and as far as we know, Primark’s make up is not tested on animals. If anyone knows any different then please let us know, but for now let’s tell you why we’ve been loving these lipsticks!


Whilst looking through the collection of liquid lipsticks, we could only spot this product in 4 different shades. The two photographed here are Kendall (left) and Kim (right). With names like these we’re guessing that these could potentially be dupes of the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks, or whoever made the new products is just a big fan of the Kardashian family! The Primark website shows 5 different shades, although they have different names to the ones in the store, so maybe the ones we found were newer. We only got one each as the other two colours we saw were quite dark and we’ve been trying to buy lighter colours since it is summer after all!


Other than the fact these liquid lipsticks are matte, another thing that caught our eye was the price. Of course Primark is known for being affordable, and their makeup does not disappoint price wise! These lipsticks are just £2, which is great, but obviously leaves you with the question of ‘how good are they?’. As you can see from the photo above, the applicator wand is quite long and it remind us of the old Sleek Matte Me wands. It means it’s harder to apply the product very precisely but it isn’t too much of an issue, as long as you clean up any mistakes quickly. This is different for everybody though, as some people may get on better with longer applicator wands compared to the usual smaller ones. It takes some getting used to but we did find that after using the lipstick a few times we got better at applying it!


As we just mentioned, the lipsticks do remind us of the Sleek Matte Me lipsticks, especially the packaging. It seems that PS may have taken a bit of inspiration from Sleek when it came to designing their packaging and despite feeling slightly plastic-y and cheap compared to the Sleek lipsticks, we think for £2 Primark haven’t done a bad job! This is pretty obvious though since they are so affordable compared to other brands and it’s something that doesn’t really matter to us. You get what you pay for!


Onto the most important part of any product.. the formula! Compared to the likes of MUA and Sleeks matte liquid lipsticks, this formula is a lot more drying. We also found that once the lipstick is dry you can’t apply more product over it, as it causes the lipstick to flake. So if you can apply the right amount of product first time, these liquid lipsticks will be fine for you! Saying that, we actually found that just one thick layer is the perfect amount anyway and we didn’t think the product applied thin or streaky at all. Another great thing about this product is the wear time. After drinking and eating the lipstick seemed to stay in place. That’s always a bonus!


We’re also super impressed with the colours in this range. We haven’t really found any lipsticks from any other brands that are like the two we picked up, but then again we only look at the cruelty free make up brands so we have less choice. The shade ‘Kendall’ is a very subtle light purple colour, perfect for spring and summer and ‘Kim’ is a beautiful pastel pink! So all in all, we’d say although these liquid lipsticks aren’t mind blowing, for the small price of £2 they’re great for anybody who wants to spend less on their makeup!


8 thoughts on “Primark PS Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks

  1. I recently picked up Kendall and I was so impressed at the fact that it’s a super close dupe to one of the Hydra Matte liquid lippies by Gerard Cosmetics (I’ma do a post on it soon!). I also picked up a dark purple one called Kiki, I think, and I’m blown away by how opaque it is! I too find that they can be a little crumbly and flaky and but upon initial application I don’t have any issues, it’s only when I reapply after eating I find this happens. For £2 I can’t feel I can complain, but like you say, I do hate the applicator!


  2. These look so pretty! I wish that there was a Primark in my country so I could pick up some. I also thought of the sleek ones when I saw these!
    This is unrelated to the post but your photos are gorgeous! Also, from where are the fairy lights?

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes


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