Flowers from Blossoming Gifts*


We’re pretty sure many people enjoy a good bunch of flowers, us included! They’re pretty to look at, they make a great gift and if you’re a blogger, they’re especially great to use to add a bit of colour to blog photos! Last summer saw us bring a post about a bouquet of flowers to the blog, and we’ve been lucky enough to receive some more beautiful flowers this summer. We were recently contacted by Abby at Blossoming Gifts and asked if we would like to review one of their bouquets for our blog. As we’ve always had an interest in flowers we couldn’t really say no and it’s great to bring something a little different to our blog. The guys at Blossoming Gifts also gave us a discount code for you guys so you can treat yourself, so make sure you read on!

Blossoming Gifts Flowers

After looking on the Blossoming Gifts website we decided to go for the ‘Cinder Rose’ bouquet. This was our favourite bouquet out of all of the many choices available, not only because of the beautiful flowers but because it even comes with a cute cream vase! We’ll get plenty of use out of this and it just makes the flowers look so beautiful in the house! The bouquet itself consists of pink roses, white anastasia alstroemeria and gypsophila and the prices start off at £32.99 for a standard size bouquet (the bouquet pictured here is the large size). The flowers we received are super pretty and are perfect for the Summer months. We’re really loving light pink flowers at the moment so this bouquet is perfect for us!Blossoming Gifts Flowers 2

At first we were a little shocked with the size of the bouquet as it was smaller than we had imagined. We then realised that obviously we’d need to give them a chance to bloom! Since we had to get the photos for these done as soon as we received them (we’ve had a very busy schedule), the flowers had not had time to bloom, so what you see here doesn’t even show just how pretty the flowers actually are now they are all out! As we are writing this, we have had the flowers for over 1 week and we can say we’re more impressed now that the flowers have had chance to come out. They looked beautiful and they lasted quite a while. The white anastasia alstroemeria are actually still alive at the time of posting this!

Blossoming Gifts Flowers 4Blossoming Gifts Flowers 3

We know that compared to your standard supermarket bouquet, these flowers are a little pricey. That being said they live for a lot longer and are great to give as a gift! Blossoming Gifts also sell a lot more than just flowers. Whilst scrolling through their website we found an amazing chocolate bouquet which could be perfect for a birthday present and they even sell jewellery and photo frames.

Blossoming Gifts Flowers 5

The photos above show the flowers once they had come out more. We just want to say again, these photos really do not do the bouquet justice and once the flowers were fully bloomed they looked so pretty. If you would like to purchase some flowers for yourself or would like to treat a loved one, you can get 33% off your purchase when you use the code ‘BGIFTS33’! What would be your dream bouquet to receive? Let us know in the comments!


*This post is a collaboration with Blossoming Gifts and all opinions are ours.

One thought on “Flowers from Blossoming Gifts*

  1. This is such a beautiful bouquet 🙂 It’s amazing to see how much it bloomed after a few days! I love how lovely gypsophila looks when mixed in with a bunch of other flowers. My favourite flowers are sweetpeas, so I would love a bouquet that included sweetpeas and maybe flowers that you’d find growing wild. There’s something just so delicate and pretty about a bunch of wildflowers! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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