Disney Princess Inspired Outfits – Ariel & Pocahontas


Finding time and motivation to take fashion photos is surprisingly hard for us, despite the fact that we love writing fashion posts, honest! A few months back we created two outfits inspired by Disney Princesses, Rapunzel and Belle. We enjoyed doing this post so much that we thought about ways we could turn one post into a whole series. We ran a poll on our Twitter where you picked your favourite Disney Princesses and the winners were Pocahontas and Ariel, so we chose to create an every day outfit for them! This is one post which we knew we just had to get out and take the pictures for, especially after all the preparation we did for it. So here we have two casual outfits, this time inspired by your favourite princesses, Ariel and Pocahontas!

Rachel- ArielAriel-inspired-outfitAriel-inspired-outfit-6Ariel-inspired-outfit-5

Although she’s not my favourite princess, I think everyone has a little bit of love for Ariel! I love her long red hair, that shell bra and obviously the fact that she’s a mermaid! I found this so much easier to create than my Rapunzel outfit as Ariel simply wears a purple shell bra and has a green tail. To recreate her look I threw on a basic lilac tee from Primark and a green/teal A-Line skirt from Urban Outfitters. I love the style of the skirt as it makes the outfit look so casual!


No outfit of mine is really complete without accessories, so I dug out the most ‘mermaid-y’ choker I owned, this anchor choker…Close enough! I have no idea where I got it from as I’ve had it ages but it’s cute and you can find similar ones everywhere! I’m also wearing a hair band on my wrist which has mermaid scales on it. Again, I’ve forgotten where it’s from but I found it in my room and thought it would add a nice touch to my Ariel outfit! I also added a bag to this outfit as I thought it was a bit plain on it’s own. You may have seen me talk about it in a recent haul we did on YouTube. It’s from Primark and when I saw it I knew it would be perfect for this post! Realistically, I’m not sure if I’ll get much use out of it but I  guess I can just stare at it because it’s so pretty!


I’ve started to get into makeup a lot more lately so I thought I’d attempt some mermaid eyes for this post. I used the Mermaids Forever palette by Makeup Revolution (fitting, right?) which I adore! If you want to know more about it, have a look at our Superdrug haul video where you can hear me go on about it! I completed the whole outfit with my teal Dr Marten boots. They have a metallic pattern which sort of reminds me of fish/mermaid scales! I think they work so well, especially since I wanted my shoes to be green as Ariel’s tail is green.


Lauren – PocahontasPocahontas-Inspired-Outfit.jpgPocahontas-Inspired-Outfit-2.jpgPocahontas-Inspired-Outfit-3.jpg

In terms of Disney princesses I feel like Pocahontas is quite often forgotten! Now she’s not my favourite ‘princess’ but I’ve always liked her!  In a way I found it a lot harder to create this look compared to Belle’s! For starters I don’t have the long flowing black hair which Pocahontas does, I feel like that makes her really stand out. Also, it was a struggle for me to find an item of clothing that would not only help me create this look, but also be something I’d wear out! In the end I settled for this pinafore from Zara which Rachel bought in the sale a few months ago (yup we quite often share clothes!). Footwear was also a little difficult to choose as in many of the iconic photos of Pocahontas she isn’t wearing any shoes! I decided to wear these tanned shoes/sandals that I purchased from Primark this year. They’re not my usual style but hey I’m all for trying something different! (I also have no idea why my foot is like that but hey, we’ll go with it!)



As Pocahontas is/was (depending on the way you look at it) a Native American, I decided that feathers should feature in this look. Again if you watched a recent haul we recorded, you may have seen these feather hair clips and choker already! I love how the feathers are so subtle yet make my hair that little bit more fancy than normal! Also I know that Pocahontas wears a blue necklace but it’s not something I would personally wear. When Rachel and I found this choker in Forever 21, we thought it’d be a cute addition to my outfit. I love the fact that it’s so subtle so it doesn’t look like a feather overload!


In case you haven’t already guessed we’ve been loving Primark lately, this little white top was only £4! It’s perfect under pinafores and I know that it’s not really what Pocahontas wears but this is my little twist on her outfit! I love the cut of the sleeves on this tee , in case anyone is wondering they do it in other colours too! Baring in mind I had a bit of a melt down before we took these photos (nothing was going right, my hair was being a pain and I genuinely felt a bit poop!) I’m really happy with my take on Pocahontas, even if my eyebrows look a bit smudgy, hey ho!


So there you go, you guys voted for Ariel and Pocahontas and we hope we delivered something you think is pretty cool! Who would you like to see us recreate next? Be sure to tell us in the comments or tweet us over at @tftbblog! Also make sure you check our Twitter for more polls in the future, we love letting our readers have an input!


10 thoughts on “Disney Princess Inspired Outfits – Ariel & Pocahontas

  1. I love this post idea so much, can’t wait to see more of them (and I’m off to check out the Belle and Rapunzel one after writing this comment too!) Really love Lauren’s hair accessories and Rachel’s skirt most out of all this. You both made a great take on the princesses 😀


  2. Love both of these outfits! The fact you’ve made them casual and perfect for everyday wear while adding in little nods to the princesses is perfect – I love the necklaces you chose for both of them and the shell bag for Ariel and feathers in your hair for Pocahontas are my favourite bits! – Tasha

    Liked by 1 person

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