Blogging On a Budget – How Easy Is It?!

blogging-on-a-budget.jpgWhen we first started our blog, we didn’t really think about money and how it would play a part in helping us with posts. Obviously you don’t need money to run a successful blog but we can tell you having some spare cash to buy items to review or props for photos can help! As two students who only work part time, spending money on ‘stuff for the blog’ can sometimes be an issue. So when you are ‘blogging on a budget’, how easy is it? Well hopefully by the end of this post we can answer that question for you!

A lot of people say “you don’t need money to run a blog” and to some extent we completely agree. If you are able to come up with content that isn’t a review or a haul then you’re basically sorted! For example, some bloggers are willing to share issues they’ve experienced on their blog to help other people. Other bloggers share their thoughts on politics or society. Although, if you are unable to write about these experiences or views you start to rely on producing content that is a lot more creative. However, we’ve found that a lot of our ideas, no matter how creative they are, require money in some way. Also, our stats show that the majority of our views go to reviews (especially of Lush products!). Although stats are literally just a number, let’s be honest the more views you get, the more accomplished you feel! It gives you that little boost that you need to carry on and you feel like what you’ve spent time working on is worth it!


So now we’ve got all that off our chests, it’s time to talk solutions! These are just little things that we feel have helped us not go overboard when it comes to spending money for our blog.

– Poundland is a saviour!

When it comes to blog props, we tend to look in Poundland (and the various other pound stores we have local to us). Items like backgrounds can always be found in cheap stores and you can get a variety of different styles for just £1 (obviously..)! We also go into shops like The Works, or anywhere else that is cheap and you can find some really good things in there that can be perfect for making your blog photography just look a bit better!

– Look for items you can use more than once

A lot of blog props we tend to find in Ikea as a lot of their items are quite affordable. We’ve bought various dishes, tea light holders and vases to use in blog photos and they make them look so much nicer! These types of products can be used all the time too, so if you’re buying cheap products that can be used in photos for multiple posts, you’re spending your money wisely. Afterall, a lot of blog readers say blog photography helps them decide whether or not to read a post, so spending a little bit of money to make your photos look more presentable is so worth it!

-Set a monthly budget

If you need to save money, it may be a good idea to set a monthly budget for blog posts. The budget can be used to purchase items to review, props such as backgrounds or perhaps an advertising package on another bloggers page. We’re yet to purchase an advertising package, although we’ve seen that they’re popular with a lot of bloggers on Twitter! The budget could be as big or as small as you like, only you know how much you can afford to set aside! A budget might stop you going overboard when it comes to buying things for your blog and will help you save up those pennies too!

-Brainstorming sessions/Get Inspired!

If it comes to it and you literally have no money to spend on your blog, you’ll need to start getting creative. In this case, brainstorming sessions are your best friend! This could involve you sitting down and looking through your blog and thinking of what sort of content you would like to create that wouldn’t cost any money. However, we find that if we just have a conversation about blog related ‘stuff’ or even a conversation in general it can give us all sorts of ideas. Start using other blogs for inspiration and it will help you create something unique and creative, all without spending any money!

-Look out for deals

If you want some new makeup to review on the blog but you don’t have a lot of money the best thing to do is look out for deals. We love shopping in Superdrug as they often have deals on products and quite often a 3 for 2 deal on makeup! It means you can get an item for free which is great when you need more blog content!

We hope that some of these solutions help anyone that hasn’t got a huge budget for their blog! It can be really hard sometimes keeping up with a blog and making sure you have money to spend in order to create content. But just remember you don’t need to spend money to create a good blog post. Sometimes it’s the simplest posts which tell a story that we personally love!


7 thoughts on “Blogging On a Budget – How Easy Is It?!

  1. This post has seriously helped me! I’m constantly trying to save money and these tips have seriously helped. Thankyou! Off to poundland I go haha! – Soph |


  2. This is a really helpful post. I know when I first started blogging I went a bit crazy and spent soooo much money on blog stuff. Now I’m watching the pennies more in general, saving for a wedding and repairs to my car!, I’m trying to be more careful with what I spend on my blog. I’ll definitely be using these tips! Thanks 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I found this post super helpful as I’m just about to start Uni! I’m a little worried that it will be hard to maintain my blog especially the money side of things, but hoping it will just take some small adjustments!
    Lucie xo |


    • It’s hard in terms of money and finding the time to actually take pictures and write up posts! When we have important deadlines the blog just has to take a back seat unfortunately! But it’s super easy to juggle both and money shouldn’t be too much of an issue hopefully! We hope some of the tips help you!!! Xx


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