What We’re Loving – June 2016

June Monthly Favourites.jpg

It’s impossible for us to start a favourites post without saying how shocked we are that another month has come to an end! So with that, can you believe June is basically over?! We decided to change things up a bit and so our favourites for June are being bought to you in video form! Yeah that’s right we’ve finally recorded another YouTube video.

We’re well aware that the editing isn’t perfect. It’s a bit jumpy in places and there is also some background noise but we couldn’t shut the window in Lauren’s room as we would have baked, yup it was actually warm for one day!!!  Finally we know that where we’re filming isn’t the greatest for lighting and it doesn’t look too pretty either! We’re trying to find somewhere in the house that’s good for filming and so far we’ve not had much luck. Perhaps we’ll buy a pretty background or something and hopefully we’ll be able to afford proper lighting one day!

Enough of the negativity, we hope you enjoy this video regardless of this stuff and we’ll be back with another favourites video next month! We’re really looking forward to uploading loads more videos and blog posts over the Summer so hopefully this is the start of it!


5 thoughts on “What We’re Loving – June 2016

  1. I love your YT videos. So glad you’ve done another one! 🙂 Finding Nemo is my favourite film – I’m too excited for it to come out in the UK! x


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