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lush skincare products

Lush are well known for their range of colourful and exciting bath bombs and bubble bars but if you’re new to Lush, it’s likely you’re missing out on some of the amazing skincare products they have to offer. Everybody’s skin deserves some love every now and then and over the years us two have been terrible at looking after ours! It wasn’t until we discovered what amazing, natural and cruelty-free items are available at Lush to treat your skin with, that we decided to up our skin care game! We have very similar skincare routines and use a lot of the same products as we both have the same type of skin, oily but dry at the same time. We thought we’d use today’s post to show you the skin care products we’re currently using!

Tea Tree Toner Water-Lush-Tea-Tree-Water

We begin our skincare routine by cleaning our face using a toner water. In the past we’d seen lots of bloggers rave about Lush’s range of toner waters, so of course we had to give them a go. Lush say that the Tea Tree Water is perfect for oily/spot prone skin which is exactly what we have! We simply spray some of the product on to a cotton pad and use it to wipe our face before we clean it properly. It can also be used to remove any makeup.

Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser-Lush-Angels-on-Bare-Skin

To cleanse our faces there’s nothing better than a Lush facial cleanser! Lush sell a range of facial cleansers for different skin types. We were suggested Angels on Bare Skin for our dry skin, since it contains calming lavender oil and rose absolute. Although the cleansers from Lush don’t have particularly nice scents, we’ve learnt that the smell doesn’t always matter. This cleanser in particular has a strong lavender scent, which isn’t everybody’s favourite, but the effects are worth it!

To use the product you take a small piece of the cleanser, add water to make a paste and then massage it into your skin. The texture of the product is unusually different, so if you’re new to facial cleansers it can be hard to use and get used to. It contains ground almonds which are used to brighten the skin and you can feel these as you use it to scrub your face. We’ve found that it leaves our skin feeling cleansed and less oily, probably due to the ingredient kaolin, which absorbs the grease and dirt!


Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask-Lush-Mask-of-Magnaminty

We’ve both been huge fans of this face mask for a while now, it’s been mentioned in a post before. Mask of Magnaminty has the most amazing smell, strong and minty but without smelling like you’ve covered your face in toothpaste! After using this mask, your face feels so soft and it is meant to help prevent breakouts. However just to warn anybody, we have both personally found that after using the face mask we have had a breakout, although don’t let this put you off, as after it clears up our skin feels amazing! It’s almost as if the face mask gets rid of all of the bad stuff by causing a break out first. This definitely has to be one our our favourite face masks from Lush.


Facial Soaps Coalface & Fresh Farmacy-Lush-Facial-Soaps

There’s not much to say about Lush’s facial soaps, other than it’s a bar of soap for your face! Like a few of the products in this post, we have spoken about this type of product in a post before. To use these you simply lather them up and scrub your face, meaning they are easy to use and perfect for cleaning your skin without irritating it! They both have different purposes, coalface being to absorb the oiliness due to the charcoal in it. Fresh Farmacy, on the other hand, is perfect for soothing the skin since it contains chamomile blue oil, making it great for spot prone skin!

Smuggler’s Soul Facial Scrub-Smuggler's-Soul-Facial-Scrub

The last thing we do to care for our skin is use a facial scrub. Smuggler’s Soul is perfect for exfoliating the skin and getting rid of any dry bits. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft, all while making it smell amazing! Smuggler’s Soul has a distinct but subtle smell that is based on the Gorilla perfume of the same name. It’s really different to what we’d normally go for but we love it! It’s more of a ‘masculine’ scent, compared to the fresh fruity smells we’re used to, but it’s not overpowering at all.

Unfortunately this was a limited edition product for Father’s Day, so it is no longer available. However, Lush offer another facial scrub, Ocean Salt, which is also great for scrubbing away dead skin! Hopefully Lush will bring this product back next year though, as it’s one of our favourites.



Since we first began writing this post, we’ve added a few more skincare products to our collections. We’ll probably end up telling you all about those too but for now these are our staple skincare items! If you use any let us know how you get on with them. Are then any other products you swear by for your skin? Let us know in the comments as we’re always looking for new products to try!




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  1. Hopefully one day soon, I will finally hop onto the Lush bandwagon and try out the products I’ve been dying to buy – which most definitely includes the tea tree water and magnaminty mask!

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