Stampede Intu Lakeside* | Review


Now if there’s one thing we love it’s got to be good food! So when we were asked if we’d like to go to Stampede at Intu Lakeside for a complimentary meal in return for a review, we couldn’t say no! For those of you who don’t know Stampede is a restaurant that has opened up fairly recently in the food court of Intu Lakeside. Their menu consists of burgers, ribs and wings and their food is packed full of flavour. Before we start, we’d just like to say that although we did not pay for our meal all opinions are honest and our own. Also, if you’re from Essex and would like to win a £20 voucher to use at Stampede details can be found in this post!!


We decided we’d use this opportunity to try some different foods to what we normally would. However, as we’re fussy eaters we bought Joe along to try some foods we do not eat! Upon arrival we spoke to Alexandra who was super friendly and helped recommend some foods for us to try from the menu. It’s always great when staff are helpful and are interested in the food they are selling, it can make your overall experience a lot more enjoyable! The menu was also organised well making it easy to read and pick from. In the end we decided on:

2 x Lightweight burger – £5.50 each

1/2 a rack of ribs – £7.00

3 Buffalo chicken wings – £4.00

Chips – £2.75

Poutine with bacon – £4.75

All of this came to just under £30 and considering it fed all 3 of us we think that’s pretty good price wise! In addition we bought drinks with our own money, Joe got a chocolate milkshake and that was pretty delicious!


Us two had a lightweight burger which consists of 1 beef patty and various types of salad vegetables. You can tell that Stampede’s beef is really good quality as it wasn’t chewy or gristly and it had a really lovely flame grilled taste. We both found the burger extremely filling so we’re glad we went for the lightweight. Taking that into account as well as the burger being a decent size, we think the lightweight is well worth the £5.50 Stampede charge. The only downside for us being fussy eaters was that there was mustard in the burger which had a really strong tangy taste. However, for future reference we now know to ask for the burger without it!Stampede-6

We aren’t really a fan of meats on the bone such as ribs, so we thought it’d be best to get Joe to try them to give a review on them! Joe said the robs had a sweet barbecue taste with a bit of spice. Overall he really enjoyed them and we all thought that for £7 they were a really good size. In fact it was such a big portion that Joe couldn’t manage to finish them all!


Alexandra recommended trying some of the chicken wings. As we said, we really aren’t keen on meat on the bone but thought we’d give it a try. We opted for the buffalo sauce although there is a piri piri option too! The buffalo sauce had a really sweet yet spicy/smokey taste, in fact they were a little too spicy for us. We weren’t overly keen on the wings mainly due to how spicy we found them. However, we wouldn’t let this put you off as we’ve already stated we’re fussy eaters so if you’re wing lover you’ll probably love these!


Stampede’s fries have to be one of our favourite items from the whole menu. They’re skin on fries which are super tasty. For £2.75 the portion was massive so we ended up sharing them between us! Joe also tried the Poutine with bacon which is basically fries with gravy, cheese and bacon pieces. We personally weren’t keen on them, although Joe said it was surprisingly nice and tasted much better than it looked!


Overall, we were really happy with our experience at Stampede. We’d like to thank the team at Lakeside’s Stampede for having us and the guys at Voice Comms for giving us the opportunity to try some tasty food! We will definitely be going back at some point! Don’t forget if you’re from Essex (or plan on visiting Intu Lakeside at some point) to enter our competition below to win a £20 gift card to spend at Stampede!



*This post is a collaboration with Stampede and Into Lakeside and all opinions are ours.

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