MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers | Review


Ever since we started our blog we’ve been wanting to try new products. Prior to blogging we rarely wore lip products, now over a year into having our blog , we have a new found love for liquid lipsticks in particular! If you read our blog regularly you’ll know that we love the brand MUA and have done a few haul posts in the past. We saw that they had a range of matte liquid lipsticks and as we’re huge fans of a matte lip, we thought we’d try them out!

MUA-Lip-lacquers 2

From Left to Right : Passion/Dash/Harmony

There are a range of colours in the Velvet Lip Lacquer collection starting from nudes and bold pinks all the way down to the deepest purple and even black! The velvet lip lacquers are a highly pigmented matte gloss, which dry really quickly once applied. As we were unsure if we were going to like the product we only picked up 3 at first. However, since these photos were taken we’ve added a few more to our collection, Tranquility being one which you can see in our  April favourites. The lip lacquers are a bargain at just £3 so they won’t break the bank, which makes us love them that little bit more. Considering the very affordable price, we would say the quality is pretty good!


From Top to Bottom : Harmony/Dash/Passion

Harmony- Harmony is a nude shade and one of the lightest colours in the collection. It is perfect for when you don’t want too much colour on your lips.

Dash- Dash is a purple/pink shade which while it isn’t a light colour, it isn’t too dark either. We think this colour is suitable for any season and it adds a nice bit of colour to your make-up.

Passion- Passion is a coral/orange shade, which is actually slightly brighter than it looks in the photos. It is a perfect statement lip for somebody like us who doesn’t really wear bold lipsticks.


We love how simplistic yet sophisticated the packaging of the product is, it makes it look like a high end lip product. The lip gloss style applicator allows for easy and even application, which is everything you want from a liquid lipstick. We’ve found that all three of these are fairly hard wearing and do not smudge or bleed. In some cases however, we noticed that after eating with this product on we did have to re-apply afterwards as it began to flake, although for the price of the lip gloss we’re not going to complain! Obviously in comparison to a more expensive product, these liquid lipsticks aren’t as long-lasting and if you’re planning on wearing them when you go out to eat, be prepared to re-apply. But you do get what you pay for so we can’t fault MUA considering how affordable their products are. Despite this, we think these lipsticks are perfect for when you’re going out for a few hours and want a smooth matte lip which isn’t drying at all.

We’ve already added more to our collection since posting this, eventually we’ll probably own the whole collection between us! The Lip Lacquers are exclusive to Superdrug and no doubt you’ll be seeing more of them on here!



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