Lush Father’s Day 2016 Blogger Event


Last week we were given the opportunity along with a few other bloggers to see the exclusive new range of Lush products before their release! The event was held at our local store, where they showcased the new products that have been brought out exclusively for Father’s Day. The invite told us male significant others were welcome to come along, so we both brought our boyfriends to show them what it’s like to attend a blogger event!

The event was led by Guy and Funlola. We often see these two when we visit the store and have also met them at previous blogging events. They are both so knowledgeable and passionate about Lush, so it doesn’t get boring listening to them talking about each product! The first thing we got to do was create our own Big Blue bath bombs. We had never made our own bath bombs before so it was good fun, even though our ones went really badly!

Next we were talked through each of the products, what they do and the ingredients in them. We were also given a demo of each product to see them in action!

Lava Lamp Bath BombLava-Lamp-bath-bomb

This bath bomb was originally exclusive to the Lush Oxford Street store, but is now at all stores and it’s here to stay! Lava Lamp has a similar citrus scent to the Valentine’s exclusive bath bomb, Lover Lamp. We adore the scent of this product and we were told once placed in water, the bath bomb is meant to create a similar pattern to a lava lamp. The purple bits contain olive oil, which creates little droplets in the water that help to do this and it makes a really cool effect across the surface of the water (Rachel didn’t manage to capture it on camera, but trust us, it’s amazing!). We think this would go great with Brightside bubble bar!

Lava-Lamp-bath-bomb demo.jpg

The Modfather Bubble BarModfather-bubble-bar

This bubble bar again has a sweet scent of orange, this time similar to Brightside bubble bar. Although it is quite small compared to other bubble bars, it seemed to create a fair amount of bubbles. It turns the water a vibrant blue and we think it would go perfectly with Big Blue bath bomb or even Fizzbanger bath bomb!


Superdad Bath BombSuperdad-bath-bomb

Superdad had to be our favourite product from the new range. It has a really unique and unusual scent, smokey but almost sweet. It also reminded us a bit of aftershave! We adore it though, which is strange since we usually prefer the fruity scents from Lush. It is a very slow fizzer but it was really calming to watch it create an array of red and blue patterns. It contains olibanum oil which is said to be calming and you can tell it would make such a relaxing bath. We couldn’t help ourselves and we both bought one of these after the event!

Superdad-bath-bomb demo.jpg

Thanks Dad SoapThanks-dad-soap.jpg

We’re not really huge fans of soap, although this one contains orange juice and Brazillian orange oil, which give it a zesty scent (Lush are loving their orange-y scents lately!). It is shaped like a building block with the letters that spell ‘dad’ stamped on it. It has quite an odd, sticky texture so we’re not too sure how this one would feel on the skin, although for anyone who likes soaps, the smell makes this one worth trying!

Smuggler’s Soul Shampoo & Conditioner BarSmuggler's-Soul-Shampoo-Bar.jpg

Something a bit different in the collection was a new limited edition shampoo bar. We love shampoo bars but they are something you never really see being brought out for an exclusive range. This one has a similar scent to the Easter exclusive bubble bar, Ultraviolet. We’re still a bit unsure on this scent, we love it but we don’t at the same time! It contains Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to hydrate and condition, as well as sandalwood oil to soothe, both making it good for the scalp.

Smuggler’s Soul Multi-Purpose Cream and Smuggler’s Soul Facial ScrubSmugglers Soul cream

Two new products include a facial scrub (£8.95 per 100g) and a multi-purpose cream (14.95 per 100g), both which share a similar scent. Everyone was given a demo of both products so we could all know how they felt. The scrub was ex-foliating and softening and the cream helped to moisturise the skin afterwards. We were left with super soft skin and the subtle, fresh smell lingered on it. Like the shampoo bar, the scent of these products is based on the Smuggler’s Soul perfume and it is more noticeable once it is on the skin. As with a lot of Lush’s items, we found that a little goes a long way with these products so although they’re a little more pricey, they’ll last a while!


Gift SetsLush-Father's-Day-gift-sets.jpg

We were also shown the range of gift sets that Lush has to offer. These include A Wash on the Wild Side, Papa Bear and Super Dad. They contain a mix of the new exclusive products as well as a few permanent ones. One even comes with a scarf inspired by Rupert the Bear, similar to Lush’s usual knot wraps.

If you’re looking to treat your dad this Father’s Day (or even just yourself!) the new Lush range has plenty of stuff to make the perfect present. It’s just a shame our dad isn’t really a bath person, although it means more Lush stuff for ourselves! We’d also just like to say a big thanks to Guy, Funlola and the rest of Lush Lakeside for having us and putting on a great event as usual!


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