What We’re Loving – April 2016


April has been a really busy month for us. It’s getting to the end of the year for college and university so we’ve had piles of work that needed to be done. As much as we love blogging, our education does have to take priority so we’ve had to abandon the blog a bit in order to get everything finished and submitted. We still have work that is due now! Even though we have left our blog for a while, we couldn’t miss out on telling you about our favourites from this month. We’ve kept it up for 6 months now so it would be annoying to miss out a monthly favourites post for April!

Favourite Make-Up Product: MUA-Lip

We use MUA products a lot and even though they are very affordable, we still think they are good quality. One product in particular that we bought and loved this month was the Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in the shade Tranquility. It’s a peachy nude tone and it looks great for when you don’t want too much colour on your lips. It dries completely matte and stays put for a long time, you can even eat and drink with it on! What makes it better is that it doesn’t take too much effort to remove it either.

Favourite Lush Product:Lush-hair-products

Rachel: I’ve really been trying to save money lately and I always tell myself I don’t need anything else from Lush (I have about 20 bath bombs left to use, oops) but I can’t just walk past the store! On my most recent I only picked up a few things, one being this 100g bottle of Rehab Shampoo. I’ve heard great things about it and it claims to improve the condition of your scalp and restore your hair. It smells lovely too which is a bonus, it’s a strong fruity scent and to me it smells a bit minty too. I’m hoping it does good for my hair as it really needs it!

Lauren: I LOVE treating myself to a new conditioner so on a recent trip to Lush I picked Veganese up! I love the smell of it, it’s quite a citrusy scent and it’s a smell that lingers on your hair for a while once your hair is dry. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about Veganese and I’m super glad I picked it up as I’m loving it! Let’s just hope it can keep my hair super soft.

Favourite Clothing Item: 

Lauren: I recently saw this playsuit on one of my favourite bloggers Jess and knew instantly that I needed to have it! I found this bad boy in H&M and although I did think it was a little pricey for £19.99 I’m over the moon with it! It fits so nicely (I’ll probably wear it in a fashion post at a later date so you guys can see) and the material is super comfy. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to come so I can get lots of wear out of it. Also, with a lot of playsuit I tend to find my butt cheeks are nearly always on show but this is such a great length that it’s not an issue, yipeee!

Rachel: I found this dress in H&M for only £12.99 and even though I wasn’t absolutely in love with it I wanted to try it on anyway. It completely changed my mind though, it looks a lot nicer on than on the hanger! It’s something I wouldn’t normally wear but I just love the style of it and it will be nice to wear in the summer. We’ll probably feature these two pieces in a fashion post at some point so you can get a better look of what they look like on.

Best Purchase:Unicorn-ring-holder

Rachel: I’d been wanting a jewellery dish for a while and I spotted this unicorn one in Primark for only £4! Everyone loves unicorns and I thought it was really simple and cute. It makes it easier to quickly put rings on when I’m in a rush as I can just grab them rather than hunt through my jewellery box!


Lauren: I’m a lover of Victoria’s Secret’s PINK underwear range at the moment and so I decided to pick up one of their sports bras. I have the matching undies so I thought why not!? This bra is so unbelievably comfy, in fact it’s so comfy I forget I’m even wearing it! For £19.50 I don’t think it’s too badly priced and when I have some spare cash I’m definitely going to invest in another.

Favourite Song:Sunset-Sons

Sunset Sons released their debut album this month and we were really excited to hear all of the new songs. We haven’t stopped playing the album and the song we’ve been singing the most from it is probably Tick Tock. It’s one of those songs that you only have to listen to once to love it! That being said the whole album is amazing, we’re predicting big things for these guys!

Favourite Moments:

Lauren: This month has been pretty stressful for me as I’ve had so much work to get through. That being said, we had a family outing to the Harry Potter studios this month! It was my second time going but I feel like I enjoyed it even more this time round. They’ve added in the Hogwarts express so that was pretty cool! If you haven’t been yet I’d definitely recommend going!

Rachel: Despite all the work I’ve had to do, April has been quite a good month. One of the best things I did was see WWE Raw at the o2 Arena. I go to see the taped show every year and it never gets boring. It’s not everyone’s thing but I’ll never get bored of seeing it and joining in with all the chants, it’s a great atmosphere!

We’re really hoping in the summer we can have time to post regularly, it’s weird stopping something you love doing. It’s something that brings us closer as sisters too and lately all we’ve done is hidden in our rooms getting all our work done! How has your month been?



5 thoughts on “What We’re Loving – April 2016

  1. Love your favourites! I’ll have to check out the Lush shampoo and conditioner. I’m currently using I Love Juicy and American Cream – my first foray into Lush haircare. I love them, but want to try the other shampoos/conditioners Lush offer too – to make sure I’m not missing out! Haha. x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


  2. The clothes you picked are super cute so I’ll be waiting to see them in an outfit post! I also liked Rachel’s favorite moment was WWE. My dad and brothers watch it so I get sucked in from time to time and feel like the only girl in the world who does haha. I also like watching Total Divas on E (if you’ve ever seen that) – those girls inspire me to work out more. They’re so fit and strong!

    – Courtney


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