Mini Spring Fashion Haul 2016


It’s been a while since we’ve posted any form of fashion post and even longer since we’ve posted a fashion haul. So as you can imagine we’re pretty excited to be putting this post up! It’s officially Spring and what better way to celebrate than to buy new clothes?! We thought we’d show you a few items we’ve bought in the recent months as we can’t wait to style these!


Top: Forever 21 – £6top-and-skirt.jpg

I have to admit at first when I picked this top up I wasn’t 100% sure if it’d get any wear. It isn’t too obvious in the photos but it is in fact a bralette (yeah it was freezing outside so a jacket was a must for this photo!) an item of clothing I never find myself wearing but for £6 it was an absolute steal. I also love Elephants so it obviously had to come home with me!

Skirt: Forever 21 – £13top-and-skirt2.jpg

Another item I couldn’t resist from Forever 21 was this white denim skirt. A white denim skirt for £13?!?!?! That’s crazy huh?! I’ve been wanting another denim skirt for a while now and there’s something different about white. I feel like it basically says spring/summer! I can’t wait to wear this out over the next few months.

Top: Forever 21 – £6floral-top

Anyone would think I only ever buy from Forever 21! Well, I managed to pick up another cute patterned top recently and it’s something I wouldn’t normally go for! This is the only orange item in my wardrobe but the floral print was really standing out to me. It also goes perfectly with the skirt I bought which is always a bonus. Yet again £6 for a top, can you really complain? No, no you can’t!


Dress: Forever 21 – £10elephant-dress

Surprise surprise, another Elephant item! I found this beauty online for only £10, I seriously can’t believe how great Forever 21’s prices are! I love how simple this dress is and the fact that I could wear it differently depending on the season. I’m thinking in the colder months I’ll pop a black long sleeve underneath, see I’m already thinking ahead!



Striped Dress: Forever 21 – £13striped-dress-2.jpg

I’m a huge fan of striped tops and I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced striped dress for ages. This dress is perfect since it isn’t too tight or too baggy; you can make it look smart or casual and I love that about an outfit. It’s such a simple dress but I styled it with some thin tights and black Dr Martens. It’s nice because it still means I’m wearing monochrome colours in Spring, but it looks a little brighter than what I usually wear!

Striped Dress.jpg

Top: Urban Outfitters – £8 (sale)velvet-top 2

I mentioned this top in our last favourites post. I bought it at the end of February so it might not be on sale now but I wanted to show you what it looks like on! It’s a soft velvet material and the colour is beautiful! It’s probably not what everyone would pick for Spring but I still love it! It is quite tight fitting though, which is odd as it is a size bigger than I usually am (sort it out Urban Outfitters!) so I’m not sure how much wear I’ll actually get out of it. For £8 (plus my student discount!!) I couldn’t not buy it though and can you blame me?


Striped Unicorn T-shirt: H&M – £9.99H&M-skirt-and-top

One of my favourite items I’ve bought lately is this unicorn t-shirt (I’m wearing it as I type!). I told you guys I love stripes and the unicorn makes the perfect touch, who doesn’t love unicorns? It’s a slightly thin but really comfy material and the navy stripes go perfect with this blue skirt!

Blue Cord Skirt: H&M – £14.99H&M-skirt-and-top-2

I’m obsessed with buying skirts lately and this blue cord one really caught my eye. I tried it on with the unicorn top and just had to buy them both since they look so good together! It’s a beautiful dark blue colour but at least I’m adding some colour to my wardrobe right?


Have you picked up any nice bits for Spring yet? We’re looking forward to wearing all of this out and styling it in different ways!


14 thoughts on “Mini Spring Fashion Haul 2016

  1. Love, love, LOVE the skirts you both bought! I absolutely love that style and it suits you both so well 🙂 also I love elephants too Lauren and I was in Forever 21 a few weeks ago, gutted I missed this! I bought a few similar tops though to go with a similar style skirt haha we must have great minds thinking alike 😉 also loving the pictures! You both make great models! ❤️ Xxxx


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