Our Blogging Playlist


Nothing completes a ‘blogging night’ like listening to music while you attempt to get rid of the bloggers block and get some words down on your page. Okay, it can be quite distracting as we just have to sing along but it adds to the fun of writing up blog posts! We’ve been really getting into our music again lately and we’ve come up with a playlist featuring a few songs that are a must when it comes to furiously typing all of our thoughts down!


1.  The 1975 – The Sound

2. Young Guns – Speaking in Tongues

3. Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out

4. Panic! At The Disco – Emperor’s New Clothes

5. Hozier – Sedated

6. PVRIS – St. Patrick

7. Nothing But Thieves – Trip Switch

8. Thirty Seconds To Mars – Hurricane (Live version)

9. Don Broco – Superlove

10. Paramore – Part II


Obviously these aren’t the only 10 songs we listen to when blogging, however, they are songs that really stand out to us! There’s a mixture of our favourite artists in this post with some being really upbeat and others more relaxed. To us, there isn’t a specific genre of music that we most enjoy listening to while we blog, it’s just a matter of what we feel like singing along to!

Music is really important after all and whether you’re out for a run, on the train or just laying in bed, it’s likely you have your headphones plugged in! For us, we really struggle to blog without music as we find that although it can be distracting at times, it really motivates us to write. Not only that, but nobody likes sitting in silence right? Are there certain songs you just have to listen to when you write up blog posts? Let us know in the comments!


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