Bralette Haul


Well here’s something we never thought we’d be writing about, yup today we’re talking bras! We’ve been eyeing up some pretty bralette style bras for a long time now but we were never sure if they would fit right. We’re so used to padded, under-wired, t-shirt style bras that we weren’t sure how we’d take to trying out this type. On a recent shopping trip we finally decided to brave it and pick some up and we thought our purchases were too pretty not to share with you!

Black lace soft triangle bra: H&M – £12.991.jpg

This triangle bra is perfect for those days where you’re just lounging around the house. Under-wired bras can be really uncomfortable so sometimes it’s just nice to switch it up a bit. Neither of us are confident leaving the house in a bra that doesn’t have any padding but since this one is slightly padded, it means it could be worn outside the house without feeling uncomfortable! The lace design is so delicate and pretty, it would be perfect in a few other colours!

Black Scallop Lace Bralette: New Look – £9.992

This bralette is a little different from the others, as it has a lot more material and the scallop detail makes it look more like a bralette top (if you get what we mean?!). The lace detail makes it look so flattering when it’s on and we really can’t believe it’s only priced at £9.99.

Floral Lace Triangle Bra: H&M – £12.994.jpg

We loved the look of this so much that we both bought this one! It’s a really cute pink floral pattern and again it’s just so comfy. This one is more of a sharp triangle shape and the design is really flattering. Although there is no padding, you don’t feel too exposed in this one either and the thick straps are great as they make you feel more supported.

Soft Mesh Bra: H&M – £12.993

Stepping away from the lacy ‘girly’ bras, this one has a more sporty look. It’s a meshy material and is so, so soft. The design is so simple but really lovely and it’s one of those bras that would look great underneath any kind of lace or mesh top, although unfortunately we aren’t brave enough to do so ourselves!

We don’t think we need to say any more about these, as you can see how pretty they are! It’s weird how good wearing nice underwear can make you feel, even if nobody sees it! Now we understand how comfy triangle/bralette syle bras are, we’re on the lookout for a few more.


11 thoughts on “Bralette Haul

  1. Oh my gosh I can’t believe how affordable these bralettes are, and they’re all so gorgeous! You’ve tempted me to go out and buy loads from here now haha! xx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky


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