Barry M Mani Masks


Barry M are a brand we’ve loved for a while now. They’re affordable, cruelty-free and sell a range of colourful nail varnishes. We all love smothering our nails in polish, although that can leave them needing some TLC. Well Barry M have answered our prayers as they recently released something we’ve been waiting for for a while now, a new nail care range!  The new nail care range consists of 4 different polishes; Iron Mani (a nail hardener), Super Mani (a 7 in 1 treatment) and 2 Mani Masks. We decided that the Mani Masks looked quite interesting so therefore picked them up to try!


The Mani Masks are priced at £3.99 and come in two shades, Bashful and Birthday Suit. Bashful is potentially more noticeable on the nails as it is a pinker tone, whereas Birthday Suit is a nude colour that matches nails perfectly.


These polishes come with the new style of brushes which are much wider and therefore make application so much easier. The Mani Masks also dry really quickly and leave a smooth matte finish.


As you can see, after using the polish your nails are left with a slight tint of colour which isn’t too noticeable. It is clear that Bashful (left) is a natural pink while Birthday Suit (right) is a very natural nude tone. The two nail masks help to make your nails feel a bit stronger and should be used twice a week in order to do so. To us, our nails felt so much stronger with the Mani Masks on so they’re well worth a try!

If like us, you can rarely find time to paint your nails a pretty colour, you should try a Mani Mask. Not only do they leave your nails feeling in better condition but they leave your nails looking healthy too! For £3.99 you can’t really go wrong can you?!


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