Jewellery from Coconut Lane


We’re a sucker for anything cute and quirky, especially jewellery! We’d seen a few other bloggers (Kimberly and Saira to name a few!) talk about the on-line brand Coconut Lane and were intrigued. They sell a range of different items to fit everyone’s needs. From jewellery and phone cases to motivational wall art, Coconut Lane sell anything you could want, and of course we had to get ourselves a few bits!


Arrow Ring – £9Rose-gold-arrow-ring

I’ve been seeing rings like this everywhere and always wanted one. I was so happy to find them on Coconut Lane for a reasonable price and even better, in rose gold! I’m not a fan of normal yellow gold jewellery but there’s just something about this colour that makes it so pretty and tasteful. It’s a really simple ring in the shape of an arrow but it’s so cute how it curves around your finger. I also love that it’s adjustable because I can wear it on any finger to mix it up a bit.

Snake Ring – £13Snake-Ring.jpg

I saw another adjustable ring on the site and needed it. I love when on-line shops sell adjustable rings because I never know what size I need and end up getting it stuck on my finger, oh the horror (am I the only person who fears that?)! The intricate design of this one is so cute with the little snake heads and I can’t wait to go out wearing it!


Wishbone Necklace – £8 (in the sale, usually £12)Wishbone-necklace

I’ve got to admit, there’s nothing I love more than a dainty silver necklace. This cute little wish bone necklace is perfect! I’m not sure how much wear it’ll get as, as you all know I’m in love with my Triceratops necklace. That being said it’s lovely quality and is really elegant which means it’ll be really easy to wear.  I love how the wish bone charm isn’t too big as I’m not a fan of chunky jewellery. I can’t wait to pair this necklace with tea dresses and strappy tops!

Elephant Earrings – £8 (in the sale, usually £9.50)Elephant-earrings.jpg

Elephants are my favourite animals so when I found these bad boys online, I knew I needed to have them. I love how they’re so simple and small yet cute. For some reason I have fussy ears meaning I can only wear certain metals in them. These little beauties are 925 sterling silver meaning they won’t irritate me, happy days! As they’re quite small I’m more likely to wear them in my second lobe piercing, I think they’ll look so pretty with my opal Pandora earrings!

We’re overly happy with all of our pieces  and how fast they got to us! It can really put you off of a brand when you have to wait for an order to arrive and worry if it will actually turn up, although within a few days of ordering from Coconut Lane our items arrived!

Be sure to check out the shop if you’re looking for some new jewellery or maybe a new case for your phone (if they sold them for our phones we would have to stop ourselves buying them all!). We were lucky enough to get these products at a discounted rate and the guys at Coconut Lane gave us a little treat for our readers too! So if you like what you see and want to make a purchase yourself, head over to Coconut Lane and use our code  tftb20 to get 20% off your order!


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