Lush Mother’s Day 2016 Haul

Lush Mother's Day 2016

The beginning of the year is always a good one for us Lushies, since just a few weeks after the release of the Valentine’s range, the Mother’s Day items are available for us to get our hands on! We’ve been in and out of our local Lush store making sure we get everything that we wanted from the range, we even picked up a few other bits too. The new collection is full of perfect items to get your mum (or yourself!) this Mother’s day!

Both of us-

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream- £9.75 (250g)Yummy-Mummy-shower-cream.jpg

Over the past few months we have found ourselves falling in love with Lush’s shower creams and gels, Yummy Mummy is no exception! It has the most beautiful scent which smells of strawberries and shares its scent with Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar and Peeping Santa Bubbleroon. Being strawberry scented, it’s odd that it is a purple colour, although it’s a nice surprise for us since we’re suckers for anything purple! This shower cream is quite thick, we’d say it has a similar consistency to Prince Charming and it’s glittery too and who doesn’t love a shimmer in their shower gel?

Ladybird Bubble Bar- £3.95Ladybird-bubble-bar.jpg

How adorable are these little guys?! We love a bubble bar so obviously we purchased a few of these each. They are made with peppermint and geranium oils but we really think that they smell like pear drop sweets with a slight hint of mint. It has to be one of our most favourite scents to date, as it’s such a unique scented Lush product. We’ve already tried this product out and it turns the water a deep red, while leaving your skin feeling so so soft!


Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb- £3.95Rose-bombshell-bath-bomb.jpg

I’m constantly changing my mind on the Rose Jam scent. One minute I adore it, the next, not as much. Luckily for me (and unluckily for my bank account) I can’t get enough at the moment and I was so excited when I found out about the Rose Bombshell coming to the stores. It has been re-vamped and I think it looks so pretty now. Most of Lush’s bath bombs are spherical but I love how Rose Bombshell has 3D roses on it, it’s probably my most favourite bath bomb design.


I love it so much I bought 3 and had to stop myself from buying even more! I used one straight away and couldn’t resist adding some pictures in. It’s quite a simple bath bomb that fizzes away, leaving you with soft pink water with light pink foam on top and a few yellow rose petals. Sometimes a simple bath is a better bath though! I even paired it with Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Shower Gel to create the most unimaginative bath cocktail ever!


Roots Hair Treatment- £10.75 (225g)Roots.jpg

Roots was actually the first product I ever used from Lush and ever since I’ve been hooked. What I love about the product is its fresh, minty scent and how it makes your scalp tingle when you use it! You also only have to use it every two weeks, meaning it lasts for a long time. To some it may seem pricey but considering how long one pot actually lasts, it’s definitely worth it. The main reason I first tried this product is because the three mints in it are meant to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth. If you’re looking for a product to leave your scalp feeling really smooth, I suggest you give Roots a go!

Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb- £3.50Dragon's-Egg-bath-bomb.jpg

Lauren’s had a pretty bad few weeks, but Lush cheers everyone up! Knowing this is one of her favourite bath bombs I knew she’d be happy with it, who doesn’t love Dragon’s Egg? We’ve spoke about Dragon’s egg a few times before, although if you haven’t used it before you can read our full review here.

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon- Usually £3.75Yuzu-and-Cocoa-Bubbleroon.jpg

Our local Lush had these at half the price so I picked 2 up for Lauren and myself, I think I’d be stupid not to! Yuzu and cocoa isn’t my most favourite Lush scent, it’s quite odd as to us it’s a mixture of chocolate orange and banana but after a while you do start to love it. We’re not really huge fans of yellow Lush products but for £1.87 you can’t not buy it!

The collection also includes the Flowering Tea Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush Oxford Street, but since we aren’t too keen of the scent we decided to give it a miss. They also have Sunrise soap which shares it’s scent with Brightside Bubble Bar. Although the collection is quite small, it’s full of lovely stuff that any mother would love to receive. You should definitely treat yourselves too though!

What are you favourite items in the collection this year?


12 thoughts on “Lush Mother’s Day 2016 Haul

  1. Hey Lauren & Rachel
    I have a question, when you get a bigger bath bomb, do you use the whole thing or split it? And how do you cut it to half? I have a big one and I feel like i’d be wasting it if I use the whole thing. Xx


  2. I’ve only recently done my Valentine’s Day haul at Lush but I’ll definitely be going back soon for a Mother’s Day haul! I need those Ladybird bath bombs, and I love the Yummy Mummy shower cream, which my local Lush store were kind enough to give me a sample of to try (knowing, I’m sure, that I’d want more!) Haha. The smell of Yummy Mummy actually reminds me of Chewits, oddly! And purple is my fave colour so even more reason to buy it! I have been tempted to try the rose bath bomb too as I love the rose jam scent so I’ll chuck that in my basket too 😉 xo


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